Anthony Robbins at the TED Conference

Talks about Motivation

Anthony Robbins had to squeeze his normal weekend talk into 20 minutes in a talk given for the annual TED conference. (The entire presentation video is available on YouTube. See below.)

We were given a concise idea of what motivates people. As Anthony Robbins said, "I don't need to motivate you. You are already motivated. I am here to help you to understand what motivates you and your employees.

Emotion:Emotion is energy in motion. This gives us the clue about what we really want. (See DeMartini's questions if you areunclear about the focus of your attention.)

Whether Anthony Robbins sees a group of 10,000 or 1,000, once they have put down on paper every emotion they had for the last week, it is less than 12 feelings in a week. And, as Anthony Robbins continues, half of those make them feel like shit. ... When do people really begin to live? When they are going to die, he answers.

People have 6 needs:

1) Certainty, security.

2) Uncertainty. God in her infinite wisdom gave us uncertainty because we need variety.

3) Significance. Violence works. If I live in the hood and put a gun to your head, I am instantly significant(3). I am certain about this(1). And, who knows what will happen next?(2) This is why violence will always be with us until we make some significant changes in the human psyche.

4) Connection to love. Most settle for connection because love is too scary.

Above 4 are needs of the personality. We all find a way to meet these. Below are the needs of the spirit. If we don't grow, we deteriorate.

5) Fulfillment

6) To contribute beyond ourselves

When facing a question, a challenge or any new experience, the following questions will help:

What is this?

What does it mean?

What am I going to do?

Anthony Robbins didn't know this of course, but the team had this experience a couple of months ago when we were driving in a small village and a parked car suddenly pulled out of the parking space right into our car. We did not get upset, but immediately questionned, "What is this? What does it mean? Is this a result of the other person's manifesting, or ours? We did Ho'oponopono and sent love in the perpetrator's direction.

The answer to "What am I going to do?" was simple. We canceled our other plans for the day and went to the body shop to get the facts. He mentioned that once we had the police report, we could contact the other person's insurance company andthere wouldn't be any deductible to get our car fixed even though we are in a "no fault" state. This seemed immediately better than our picture of the "what is this?" which included a $1,000 deductible for the vehicle.

The, "What does it mean?" was not answered until later. A few days before we were due to bring the car to the body shop, our car began to make those ominous grinding noises that are the result of a worn brake pad. We called our mechanic and he scheduled the car for the day after the body shop would be done with it. We were already receiving a car rental (courtesy of the perpetrator's insurance company while our repairs were being done,) so we extended the rental by one day and received the same discount as the insurance company for that day. And, while our car was in the shop, they found that we also needed a new bearing on one of our wheels -- without which our wheel would have soon fallen off while we were driving!!!

So, we had the answer to the "what does it mean?" The Universe had saved us from a possibly serious accident, and definitely from a loss of mobility. Since we travel 200 miles a day, we could have been far from home and help when the wheel fell off, and likely there could have been additional damage to the vehicle. We thank the Universe for that little fender bender that saved us from more serious consequences.

Anthony Robbins continued with a (short)discussion that will enlighten you about your motives. The target that shapes you is derived from your response to the 6 needs:

Are you driven by certainty or uncertainty?

Are you driven by significance or love?

The answers will inform you. What are you lead systems?

Map:Each person has their personal map of responces Anthony Robbins explained. Are you a fireman who is going to save lives even if you lose your own? Are you a cop or soldier who is going to kill all the bad guys? What if your beliefs guarantee that you can never get there?

Maps are covered extensively in Bill Harris' book, Thresholds of the Mind.

Robbins recommended this book,My Jihad. My way of peace that was written by an attendee at a conference of his that occurred before, during and after 911. He suggests that the way of peace is to learn to appreciate other people.

Here is the video link for when you have time...



Law of Attraction "Soulution"

And, when, as James Arthur Ray would say, is now the right time to begin work on your spirit?

Anthony Robbins mentioned, but did not talk much about the aspects of the spirit, "Fulfillment" and "To contribute beyond ourselves". We know that he discovered the latter when he was still in High School and first began to gift poor families on Thanksgiving, and then organized a larger effort to meet the needs of more families. He learned about the law of giving early in his life, and it has protected him.

On our Universal Laws Universal Laws page, we talk about this law, but we also talk about the Law of Pure Potentiality of the Divine Oneness, in Deepac Chopra terminology. And, we believe that Anthony Robbins discovered this law as well, perhaps more recently. Because this creates a sense of fulfillment whether you are in the middle of a divorce, or a funeral. And, who can you think of who seems more fulfilled than Anthony Robbins?

This is why the greatest "manifesters" can go through hard times, without any loss in confidence, and in a short time be right back on top of their game. Anthony Robbins put fulfillment in the realm of the spirit because it is not a result. Fulfillment is an internal state. It is the state we are in when we connect with the One and realize that we are part of something so big and so loving and so powerful that Deepac Chopra calls it Divine Oneness and Gregg Braden calls it the Divine Matrix and Dr. Wayne Dyer calls it Source.

There are two tools that will help you, if you are interested in following Anthony Robbins lead, and communing with Source Consciousness. The first is Centerpointe Research's Holosync, and the other is a more rapid ride down the rabbit hole, called Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing are meditation training modules with embedded guidance by Gerald O'Donnell. He is a mathematician and then was recruited by ? one or more Western Intelligence agencies to train their Remote Viewers. He developed the program of Remote Influencing which became a significant part of the program.

What is Remote Influencing? I was put off by the term at first. I had been warned by Wallace Wattles not to try to influence other people against their will. However, Remote Influencing is nothing more than the Law of Attraction. Gerald takes us to a deep meditational place, where we are at one with Pure Potentiality and can ask directly for what we want.

This is the place where the ancient sages went to receive their inspiration. This is the place where there is no time and no map. This is the place beneath our conscious, middle brain, where we have no limits or fears. This is a place without Eckhart Tolle's ego.

Why not take a chance?