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This is All About You, and Manifesting Money

Summary: You Must be Joyful to be Manifesting Money! What if the best thing to do in the world, was the thing that you love doing best and it would be manifesting money for you? What if the one thing that the world needs for world peace and prosperity, is for you to do what you love? Could you find a way to do it?

This is the most poignant truth of the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Intention. If you are doing what your soul came here to do, then you will be loving your life, improving the world and manifesting money.

Loving Your Life

This is the secret to world peace. If everyone was loving their life, we would have peace and abundance everywhere. How do we know this? I think you intuitively see the truth, but it's hard to believe that it could ever happen, much less that you would be part of it, is it not? Let's start there. Could you have chosen the life that you would really, really love?

Let's just start with what you have given up in your life that you didn't want to give up. Most of us have at least one thing. And, I'm not talking about your evening bottle of milk when you were five years old. I'm talking about the things that you loved deeply.

I could give you some examples in my life, but first, look at your life. Did you love dancing? Did you love singing? Perhaps you loved playing the piano but didn't have access to one after a family move, or after you left home. You didn't trust that it would help you with manifesting money.

Maybe you loved talking to people, and after college it didn't seem so possible. Colleagues don't talk about philosophy, and talking about politics or religion can get you into trouble.

Perhaps you loved sports. You can still watch them on TV, but you really loved playing them and studying the other teams. Perhaps you knew all the statistics back 40 years in your favorite sports. How could you know that there could be a connection between your love and knowledge of sports and manifesting money?

Did you love coloring and drawing as a child, but Art Class in high school wasn't something you needed for your SAT's and you had to take Spanish or Math instead. You just never got back to it as you headed into your Law or Engineering profession.

Have you got it? Have you remembered that thing that you loved doing? What do you think would have happened if you had been able to keep it up?

The Most Successful People Love What they Do

You could be one of those people manifesting money and loving their lives. The only question is, how can you add back the thing that you loved and gave up?

One Lawyer I know, always wanted to be a doctor. She was such a successful lawyer, and had a family and a practice depending on her, that she couldn't imagine how she could ever reverse that decision she made in her twenties. We worked it down to buying a postage stamp to send off a letter inquiring from a local medical school about their entrance requirements. She since became a doctor and loves her work as a family doctor with a small practice. She is now manifesting money.

One woman who had been a music major, a pianist in college had married right after graduation and had never been able to pursue music. She had a piano in her home, but didn't often play it. She had become a teacher with 3 little children and they took most of her energy. Yet, when she was 40, friends convinced her to begin taking lessons again. She not only began to give concerts, but she developed a computer music program for schools, and two of her children went on to be professional musicians, one leading his section of a major Symphony Orchestra, and the other is also a well known Canadian composer. None of them have ever had any trouble with manifesting money. And, they were prepared to be impoverished musicians, but it was never asked of them.

These are just people who I know. Surely, there are some you know also. And, there are others we know together. Grandma Moses started painting late in life and manifested money with her paintings, as well as joy.

You know Oprah and Bill Gates. They were two of the lucky ones who decided early on just what they wanted to do and had an easy time manifesting money. Who can doubt their success. Ghandi's early commitment was to truth, vegetarianism and non-violence. He honored his commitments and this brought him first self respect and then the respect and trust of thousands of Indians. In 20 years, it brought them their freedom.

These are just a few examples of the joy and peace these individuals have created in the world. None of them (will) die in poverty, even Ghandi who insisted on working without a fee. The Universe was happy to be manifesting money on his behalf.

How can you, who might today feel rather ordinary and unexceptional, do this as well? Embrace your greatness! Embrace those things that you love and that are important to you, and embrace them with your whole heart and soul. Soon you too will have the joy and delight of manifesting money and everything else you might desire or need for your work or pleasure.

How Does this Connect to World Peace?

Preying Mantis

Depending on our vibrations which come from our joy and love of life, we emit a frequency. This frequency has been proven to affect the state of the world. The Global Consciousness Project was set up at Princeton to monitor global consciousness. Many large changes have been seen. There was a significant blip noted on 9/11/2001 several hours before the first plane hit the World Trade Center. There were similar blips before the death of Princess Diana and the Concorde crash. There was also a significant blip worldwide on the inauguration day of President Barak Obama.

Perhaps, most importantly, when groups of people who have been trained have gathered together to meditate on peace, the city they are in has shown marked reductions in violence.

In Mindbridge page Gregg Bradens Shift of the Ages in case you missed it:

David Hawkins, in Power vs Force, calibrates people's emotions from 20 to 1000. 20 is shame, and proximate to death making us very prone to physical illness. At the other end, ranging from 700 to 1000 is enlightenment. This is estimated to be the level of Krishna, Buddha and Jesus.

He explains that all levels below 200 are energy draining. This would include guilt(30), grief(75), fear(100) and pride175). He explains that although pride feels good, it is good only in comparison to what came below. The first positive emotion is courage(200) and courageous people, exploring, determined people put back as much into the world as they take.

Then we have willingness(310), acceptance(350) and love(500). At this level one has true happiness. This, he believes, may help us to avoid world calamity if we can keep our level above 200 which we reached in the mid 1980s. He estimates that one individual at 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200. Level 600 (peace) counterbalances 10,000,000 individuals below 200!

Your frequency directly affects those around you in ever expanding circles until your ripple has affected everyone in the world. So, please, don't ever again choose the activity that you think you should do over any activity that you love. Please, include music or art, or reading -- whatever you felt you had to give up -- back into your life again.

And, if there is something that you really have to do, make a game of it. Walter Russell explains how to do this in Universal Laws Guide the Flow Walter Russell did everything he wanted and never had any difficulty with manifesting money. He didn't have to settle for a life as the poor artist either.

How does our Joy Connect to Manifesting Money?

Perhaps the person who explains this best is Bob Doyle. He opened me up to the abundance available if I would only trust in the Universe and myself, my real self. First, he helped me to discover who I really am. Perhaps he is the master at this because he has struggled with incorporating his music in to his life.

This sounded so easy when Mike Dooley and other in the movie The Secret suggested "Let go and Let the Universe" as they say in AA. I followed every instruction. I was grateful and I was positive. I did my daily meditation.

I was grateful and positive for two years and nothing of note happened until I came upon Bob Doyle's training program, Wealth Beyond Reason which changed everything for me. You don't have to read thousands of pages, but just the right pages. He leads you at your pace through guided trainings, some audio, some video and some adobe files you download and read. As you finish each section, you go on to the next. One at a time, and little by little, your feelings, and your beliefs are changed.

I just had to deeply commit to doing the things that are most important to me, and letting the other stuff go....

And then, miracles start to happen. This is the exciting part.


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