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Lost track of family or classmates? May be they weren't US Military, US Navy, US Air Force or US Army, or maybe they were. It just doesn't matter once you have access to these records. You'll find information here. Whether you know their last address, have an old telephone number or not, a birthday, or wedding date and location can all work together to locate any individual.

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There are other records, besides US Army and US Military as well that you will have access to, including Marital records and all other Civil records; telephone numbers and the location of the owners as well as criminal and arrest records.

Can't believe the age of that date you had last night? Guess how easy it will be to find out for sure.... Or, maybe she doesn't believe you are divorced? You can get those records at the click of a button.

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Geneology Search:

Several US Military men I know have become interested in their family histories. They wanted to be able to share with their children their family story, but their parents were already gone.

Where to get the information? They tried siblings and cousins, but everyone had a different, and small piece of the story. Yet, those small pieces can generate enough facts that a subsequent search in the records >>> can fill in the holes and flush out the narrative.

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