Veterans' Pages for US Army veterans, US Navy veterans

and All Who Have Served in Combat

All honor and gratitude to our US Army veterans and US Navy veterans and US Marines and Air Force and reservists and National Guard and US Coast Guard who have put their lives on the line and left their homes and families to do good in the name of the United States of America and to protect the safety of all her citizens.

Whether or not the politicians in charge are clear about their intentions, we, at Mindbridge know that the US serviceman is never there for his own good, but always for the good of others. Thank you. We love you all.

We are going to list the resources we know of that are truly helpful. Most are government resources, but we'd like to give you a heads up to a veteran to veteran website. This is authored by the son of a veteran, and a veteran himself of the Vietnam Theater. Johnnie H. Williams Jr. has experienced living with a veteran who was suffering from PTSD, (no matter whether a US Navy veteran or US Army veteran) and with learning how to cope with his own return from service. For those who haven't been to war, his blog posts and his books will give you a visceral and soul to soul sense of the impact of war on a man and his family.

Please visit For those of you who are not veterans, but interested only in our Law of Attraction information, Johnnie Williams Jr. was taught the Law of Attraction by his mother and it is evident on every page of his books, Help is on the Way and Help is on the Way II. We are not critics, or we might have appropriate words to praise this book, but if I say this book will shake your world, knock you off your chair, pick you up and give you a great hug, would you get the idea that it's a valuable book? This is what happened to us. Thank you Johnnie Williams Jr. and a great big thank you to all your teachers.

For our soldiers, sailors and airmen: Welcome Home

Our wish for you all is that your friends are as wonderful as this soldier's.....

Hero of the Korean War may soon become a saint

There were many heroes of the Korean War. Some specialized in hand to hand combat, and some worked with a scalpel. Father Emil Kapaun was a chaplain who was captured and spent more time ministering to American POWs than he did to active soldiers.

On Friday, June 25th, 2009, a representative of the Vatican will go to Wichita Kansas to determine whether he saved the life of a pole vaulter, Chase Kear. For the whole story, click here.

Anybody from the Casper Platoon?

We have a link for anyone from the 173rd Airborne, Casper Division.

Looking for Someone, or for Your Service Records?

We know that it's too easy to lose track of friends addresses or telephone numbers. We have all been there. We don't always call as often as we wish we did, or they move without leaving a forwarding address.

Or, perhaps you come home and lost your address book or your computer crashed with all your contact information.

It's now the technology age and information can be retrieved. If you want to look someone up, you can always do it with a simple click right here >>>. Or if it's your service records you need, because you had to move without time to collect all your stuff, or, if your son is asking questions that you can't answer about your family, your ancestors. Any question you might have can be answered.

Just go back up and click on the link for more information.

New Four Star General:

The Senate has confirmed Lt. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody as the first female U.S. Military four-star general.

Thank you to our Veterans, New and, ahh, Not So New

At Mindbridge-LOA, every day is Veterans' Day, but we have an extra salute from the soldiers media center.

When you have time to explore America

This is a website by another Vet. Clearly, he had a vision of why he signed up and what he was protecting. -- Not a Republican America, or a Democratic America, but a beautiful America.