Power Manifesting Formula

Power manifesting requires that you keep track of the formula and learn how to manipulate the variables. This is the way we remove blocks to our manifesting and allow abundance to enter our lives.

(Vision + Belief) Passion= Manifestation

The first and most neglected variable is Energy or Passion:

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law, not a physical law, and so it is activated by energy and vibrations. Understanding this will help you to power manifest. Like your hot water heater, or your furnace, it is turned on when your personal vibrational thermostat hits a certain level. This can be high or low, but middle of the road day to day boredom does not activate anything.

Take this as a caution. When you are angry or frustrated, you begin to manifest. You manifest more crazy drivers on the road, or you manifest more bills, or bill collectors, or you manifest more difficult behavior from your children. When feeling these feelings, as quickly as you can, move to a more harmonious thought. Change your picture. Picture your children happy and content. Picture the road ahead clearing. Picture the stamp, "Paid in Full" on your bills. Picture the balance on your checking account as having more numerals than it normally has. When the phone rings, smile and picture someone you love smiling back at you.

On the other hand, when you are happy, you also manifest. You manifest more beautiful days, or more abundance in your garden, more laughter from your children or more time with your partner. Love is one of the more powerful activators. Spend time with those you love and your life will change.

It is no accident that the wealthy go to the most beautiful places in the world to re-create, which is also known as power manifesting. The most powerful vibrations in nature are in flowers. Whenever you feel the need to increase your vibrations or raise your thermostat into the high positive rates, spend time around flowers. If you are in a city, go window shopping at the local flower store if you can't buy any. Go sit in a park or a botanical garden if you don't have your own garden. But best of all is to spend time sitting in your own garden, appreciating the abundance of the flowers. This will always bring more abundance into your life.

Second to flowers is the ocean, or another large body of water. The sound of the waves will harmonize your heart with your breathing and that puts you into a healing vibration, or coherent breathing. It balances your sympathetic nervous system with your parasympathetic nervous system. When in this state, you cannot be distressed. Studies on stress have found that the most stress-free population in the United States are the Hawaiians. Is it any wonder? They are surrounded year round by flowers and proximity to the sea. This allows effortless power manifesting.

The second variable is your Belief or Memory Bank:

Nothing will stop power manifesting faster that the belief that "it can't happen." The reason that the children of the wealthy do better than the children of the poor is this belief. If you are raised in a family that has always had money, you believe that you will have money. If you are raised in a family that has always been poor, you will naturally believe that you will always be poor.

There are exceptions to this. Some children born to wealth are told over and over that they are "failures", or "disappointments" or "not good enough" and if they let these statements take hold in their memory banks, they will start earning interest on more failure, and disappointment.

And, some children born in a poor family will latch on to converse beliefs. Perhaps their teachers tell them that they "are special" or "gifted" or perhaps their family convinces them that they "have what it takes" or they might spend enough time reading stories of people who moved from poverty to wealth that they fill their memory banks with stories of success instead of failure. They then earn interest on those positive stories.

You will know what your beliefs are by looking at your life. You life is always a product of the interest you are earning on the beliefs in your memory banks.

Business coaches will tell you that your income will be the average of the 5 people closest to you. This is not a superstition. There is a scientific reason for this. You generally share beliefs, stories and dreams with your closest friends and associates or family members. This becomes a shared memory bank, or a joint account, which will deliver the same or similar interest to each member of the group. The interest from a joint account allows power manifesting for good or bad.

My mother used to say, "Be careful what you wish for" and I would caution you to be careful with whom you share wishes.

Changing Beliefs and Building a new Memory Bank:

So, if you look at your life, and it's not what you want your life to be in a few years, how do you change your beliefs? First, take responsibility. Unless you are younger than 10 years old, you have control of whatever you fill your head with. It doesn't really matter what your friends or associates watch or read or think is cool. You can choose to read and watch something different. This will allow the power manifesting of your choice.

Read stories of success. This will increase your belief that it can happen for you too. Watch only movies with good endings and stop watching those that fill you with fear and dread. Give up Lifetime; give up war movies, and everyone should give up slasher or violent films.

Stop reading the paper or watching the news about the recession, depression or war. If there is any truth to the idea of the "Illuminati" seeking to take control of the world, the truth is that those who control the media have a huge effect on the thinking, the beliefs, and thus the manifesting of millions of viewers. Don't let it be easy to make you an unconscious pawn for someone else's power manifesting.

The bad news will over run you more quickly and more effectively if you subscribe to it. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and beliefs. As a wise professor once said to me, "Choose your illusions."

The final variable is your Vision:

Your visions are partially a product of your memory bank and partially a product of your present experience. It is important to keep this in mind when you make the decision to power manifest. It is almost impossible to have a passionate vision about something you've never experienced. But, in our world today, if you have access to the internet and films, you can view the travel channel or take out travel movies from the library, or Google any place on earth and begin to add those pictures to your memory banks. Good for you that your subconscious does not know the difference between what you see and what you are actually experiencing. This works best for those who experience the world primarily through vision.

Those who experience the world through feelings will want to walk around a car showroom and sit in the car of their choice, or smell the flowers from a place they wish to visit.

When power manifesting, you will first take a few deep breaths and go into an alpha state. Then you will clearly picture your goal/dream, feel the feelings of already having it, and let it fly. The Universe will read your message clearly as long as you have built in passion. Do this every day for a week to keep the goal present in your mind as a reality. You will begin to notice synchronicity before the end of the week that will tell you how fast the goal will be achieved.

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