Good Afternoon and heart felt Greetings.

Just a quick note to let you know that we have two new pages.

This is the first time we have a guest author writing on lucid dreaming. This is the "How to lucid dream" whereas previously, we explained how important this could be in using the Law of Attraction. Rebecca has an easy style, will get you started right away and offers tips about tools that can be used if you would like to become and expert. Just click here to go directly to the pages.

Another chapter of the clearing novel, The Slow Guy Always Wins on the One Lane Highway is up. This is an impactful chapter that runs the gamut from child abuse to our team's first presentation to potential investors. Will they be able to sell their ideas, or will they have to go it alone? Click here to go to Slow Guy.

Be Clear. Be Strong. Be free and cross over the bridge.

Success is yours, Nancy J. Stremmel

P.S. Ho'oponopono. We love you.