Good Afternoon and heart felt Greetings.

We want to challenge you a little today. We would like you to engage with a clearing tool. It is simple, but it requires you to take 100% responsibility.... Some of you might have already rejected any idea of Subjective Reality (see but we are going to ask you to move forward as an act of faith. There is nothing to lose.

Ho'oponopono is an old but updated Hawaiian problem solving and cleaning process. Once you are clean, you are able to accept inspiration.

It's very simple really. If you have a feeling, a worry, a fear, an anger, or a hope or a need, you simply say, "I love you. Thank you." Saying I love you to the feeling, to Divinity, to the person giving you the feeling, to your inner child/subconscious goes immediately to Divinity as a request for assistance in clearing away whatever old garbage is causing the feeling. Then, the thank you, is a response that shows that you "believe" and have no doubt that Divinity is taking care of the clearing for you.

If you are interested in moving beyond your previous limits, give it a try.

Go to:

&/or to:

Start anywhere you're inspired....

Have a great trip.

Be clear. Be free,

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