Good Morning and heart felt Greetings.

We hope that you are meditating daily. If not, according to the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, this is a good day to begin anything new....

This calendar is a personal daily calendar that is not dependent on the movement of solar bodies, but on the intentions of creation and on the aspects of creation.

You can access this calendar for your own use at

In the meantime, the Galactic Tone for today is 13, which is the number for ascension. It assigns us to go to the next higher step. It takes us over the next mountain. The sun sign for today is the monkey. Monkey is a jack of all trades and leads us to new patterns or inventions. They are loved by merchants. Unfortunately, they have a short attention span.

And, this is day 6 (which lasts more than one of our days) of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle. The 6th day of the Mayan Tun Calendar is the adolescent period. This is a good day for learning and change. In past consciousness cycles, this was the day that King Arthur arrived, and this was when the Renaissance began. This makes us hopeful.

On this day of change and growth, hope and challenge (the Tzolkin did say mountain, not elevator....) we want to point you to another Mindbridge page.

If mathematics frighten you, and you're not too fond of science, let me reassure you that this includes 8 wonderful, enlightening and entertaining videos by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and they all lead to a spiritual conclusion that is powerful and poignant. We have summarized each video for you so that you don't have to take notes.

And, the Mayans say that today is a good day to begin something new....

Be Strong. Be Conscious. We love you.


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