Good Afternoon and heart felt Greetings.

We skipped yesterday, because today's homework is particularly rigorous and should be done every half hour, or as close as possible to that. A Course in Miracles will help us to see behind or through the hologram to a real world. Few are those who reach this level.

Today's lesson is rigorous, requiring attention every half hour, because it is an affirmation and they work best by either repetition, or by using a brain entrainment device such as Centerpointe's Holosync or Gerald O'Donnell's Remote Viewing.

We recommend them highly. If you have not yet gone to their websites, Centerpointe is offering a wonderful discount right now -- Go here to get your "Promo Code" for the discount. and look for the bold red lettering!

As you read this, think of yourself as a seeker who will find the truth if s/he keeps looking. Otherwise, you are only remembering the past.

Day 20, and the most challenging day so far is available here:

Your password is: acim passage

Password: "acim passage" is necessary to open the page.

We hope that you enjoy this information. We will return shortly with another advanced topic just for subscribers.

Be Well. Be Courageous,