Good Morning and heart felt Greetings.

A Course in Miracles will buff up our minds, setting us free from a lifetime of random experiences. A Course in Miracles is mind training. We know that we "are what we eat" and take care, or not, of our diet. We know that for the sake of health and efficiency, our bodies want to move, and we take care to walk daily, or work out.

This is mind training. Without mind training, "we are what we experience" each day. Mind training will strengthen our ability to control our responses to what we sense in the illusionary world, and to maintain our steady connection to Source, and the bliss that flows in that connection.

Without mind training, we will respond emotionally to whatever we see or experience each day, and through the power of Law of Attraction, we will manifest more of that. This leads to the sense that the world is chaotic, and the great increases in depression, violence, and fear that is so prevalent today. Without mind training, we are like children without any autonomy or control over our emotional life, or over our experience in this hologram.

So, we hope that you are still with us. In the hologram, what you feel and manifest affects me, and what I manifest affects you. Our intention is to help us both to develop and advance in every way.

Day 17, and a bit more challenging than yesterday we think, is available here:

Your password is: acim passage

Password: "acim passage" is necessary to open the page.

We hope that you enjoy this information. We will return shortly with another advanced topic just for subscribers. Watch for another Braden adventure -- explaining crop circles and the coming world changes. -- But, do your homework first! :)