Good Morning and heart felt Greetings.

A Course in Miracles will help us to see that our thoughts become things and we have no neutral thoughts. Little by little, A Course in Miracles is leading us to the truth.

The truth is a real world at the end of this discipline. Few are those who reach this level.

We found this day to be less of a challenge, as befits a Monday. Best wishes to you for a great week. We are going to give you one workbook lesson per day this week, and finish off at day 21.

At that time, we'll give you links to the rest of A Course in Miracles on line. Those of you who are still with us, will have the roots to finish on your own.

And, then, we'll be on to other topics to assist you in or to challenge your spiritual growth.

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We hope that you enjoy this information. We will return shortly with another advanced topic just for subscribers.