Good Morning and heart felt Greetings.

A Course in Miracles will help us remember the real world. Now, then, it’s clear that God had nothing to do with the bad news you are hearing, because s/he can only create what's good and beautiful. And, we also know that the bad news has no real meaning.

What's next? What's left you might ask. Gregg Braden would tell us that if we follow very simple and natural principles, we can change the world. Is that what all this has to do with the Law of Attraction?

Go to this page, and get the next piece of the puzzle.

The password is: acim passage

Oops, we almost forgot.

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This will explain more about what is happening today, and give you information on the tools that will help you in your spiritual quest.

PPS You might want to visit this beginning explanation by the Wapnicks who have been teaching A Course in Miracles for quite a while.