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We have something special; something new for you, and only for subscribers to Mindbridge Passageway, because, frankly, we don't think those who have just begun with the Law of Attraction, or Mindbridge-loa, are ready to absorb these advanced ideas. We promised to give our subscribers the newest and most up to date spiritual training based on the Universal Laws and it is here! We believe you will be delighted. As always, it is of no cost to our subscribers.

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This is for you, an inspired e-book, pdf file, called Organic Living which is about living an inspired life. If that is what you choose, the world is looking for an army of those who can manifest, of those who do or who seek to share love.

Do you remember being inspired? Do you have great dreams you might have put aside for practical reasons? It is time to re-embrace those dreams.

All the current spiritual teachers say that the world is changing as we approach the equator of the Milky Way, and soon the changes will be so fast that those who still make decisions based on logic and strategy will be left behind. These are the days you were ready for as a child when your parents used to counsel you to "think before you leap." And that was good advice until now.

I was one of those children, and we, at Mindbridge-LOA, have been re-learning to leap before we think. However, we all want to leap from insight and inspiration, our higher mind, not from the ego which is based in accumulated old data. The ego cannot see the future as your higher self can.

We want to share some of this with you in Organic Living. We hope that you will include Organic Living as one of your summer reads this year. Click here to read the PDF in your browser, or right-click to download it.

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