Good Afternoon and heart felt greetings.

Up to now, we have been giving you daily doses of A Course in Miracles without much of a break. It's the weekend. We are going to divert you to something else that we believe will help enormously.

Bill Harris, one of the master teachers in the movie, The Secret, has a meditation product. If you are stressed, or just plain busy, it can be hard to meditate. Yet, every teacher of the Law of Attraction recommends this. It is important for your visualizations. It is important to have some attentive quiet time so you can receive insights from the Universe/Creator/Source/Divine Matrix.

And, we can tell you that we were having trouble with this. Charles Haanel recommended a 30 minute period every day, and it is not that easy to sit quietly for 30 minutes. We would sit, but it would be a constant battle to quiet our brains/egos.

And then, we discovered and purchased Centerpointe Research's Holosync. This binaural beat meditation product INSTANTLY quiets your mind. It starts you at alpha and then moves you to delta and theta which is deeper than most experienced meditators ever reach for more than a few minutes. Besides a restful and deep meditation, beneficial byproducts include a better balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, less stressful Beta frequencies and a better balance of Alpha, Theta and Delta brain frequencies, and finally the brain produces more relaxing endorphins and rejuvenating human growth hormone.

How's that? Who couldn't use more youth hormone? For more information, go to

And, Bill sends monthly newsletters to explain how to get the most out of his Cd's. He also sends bonus CD's (at no extra charge) that are specifically for reading or studying, and others that include subliminal affirmations for health, wealth and change. Why change? Because we all tend to be a little resistant to change which can hinder our ability to control the Law of Attraction. If you are visualizing abundance, and you don't have it already, abundance is change. See what we mean?

For the whole story, go to our website and click on the "Meditate like a zen monk" ad. You can get a free sample without giving your credit card information. What a deal, right? Who else sends you anything for free these days without requiring your credit card information?

Take care,