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A Course in Miracles explains that all fear begins with a willingness to be separate. This, it continues, is your responsibility. Fear endures, the course tells us, because you are much too tolerant of your mind's wandering. This wandering of our minds is the single most common reason for living an ordinary life.

Along those same lines, in Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God, God explains that every choice is a choice between love and fear. The cure then, for fear, is love. And, what is love but connectedness?

It is not always easy to feel this connectedness. The ego wants us disconnected. The ego wants us dead. The ego wants drama and stress and look how well it has been doing in the recent past.... Isn't this a good time to make a change?

Charles Haanel's course on living an extraordinary life using the Law of Attraction is a course in meditating. It is in meditating that we find the quiet time and the mental control to connect with the Creator/Source/Divine Matrix and our authentic selves. It is in unity, and connectedness that our creativity gains power. It is in unity with the Creator, the Source, our Higher Power or Divinity that the light casts out the darkness of fear.

Once in the light, the healing can take place as happens when stagnant water moves into a babbling brook. It is in the shadows that our mind's wandering does us a disservice. Being more conscious brings your thoughts and feelings back to love and connection. Bring your thoughts into the present, into the NOW, whenever you notice they are going back in time. The past is the province of the ego and the pain body.

Thomas Troward was one of the founders of New Thought philosophy, and a master teacher/philosopher/author in the early 1900's. When asked by a student, how to rid oneself of the "triad of enemies -- fear, anxiety and discouragement," Thomas Troward responded that the antidote is to repeat the following affirmation as fast as you can:

"The life in me is inseverably connected with all the life that exists and it is entirely devoted to my personal advancement."

Isn't that a great affirmation of connection? Notice also that he speaks in the present tense. He reassures his student, that it is the intention that will be received. No matter whether the affirmation is believed the first or second time. The intention is to rid oneself of the feelings of the past that will not manifest beauty, joy and power.

Mindbridge highly recommends A Course in Miracles. As with any inspired product, we expect that it is influenced by the receiver-author. In this case, the language is Christian, although Helen Schucman was, at the time, an atheist and conservative professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University. The course came as an answer to her colleague's prayer, "There must be a better way!" She explained that the words came as if in dictation, and she was surprised when she wrote, "This is a course in miracles."

If you have not yet engaged in this study, let us introduce you to the first 21 days. The workbook exercises are simple and short, but the ideas will probably seem familiar as the teachers of Law of Attraction use these ideas often without crediting the source. At the end, if you wish to continue, we will give you a good on-line and searchable source for the course.

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