We hope that you have enjoyed writing or thinking about your goals. Goals are where the Law of Attraction begins. Every teacher will tell you that it is not enough to wish for more ...., or better ...... Goals need to be specific. They need to be in pictures. They need to be pictured, and felt, in the present and you need to put yourself in the picture.

Mike Dooley, however, also suggests that you chose a goal that is related to the feeling you chose, rather than just an amount of stuff that you think will give you that feeling. He suggests that goals of happiness, and abundance, or generosity will bring more dividends than, for example, choosing $12,000 in unexpected income. He always reminds us to let the Universe take care of the details.

In order to do this, it is helpful to be able to quiet our minds and to connect with our inner body, our higher selves, our light.

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