Manifesting Abundance Life Lesson: Belief

Manifesting abundance gets easier with experience. Many people have been studying the law of attraction, or the 11 laws of the Universe and they will be telling you what they have learned from the experts. I will always will be telling you what has worked for us. Recently, I have had another life lesson. This time it was about belief.

Belief and Manifesting Abundance:

"Whether you believe you can or you can't, either way you will be correct." Henry Ford.

It is most important to know what you believe, because no matter how much visualization you do, if your belief is 0, this is the result you will get. Then, so many people turn around and say, "See, it doesn't work."

Belief is easy when it is the next step. We have been doing graphs of our website readership over time, or our income over time, and when I see that the next step is ____, it easily happens.

Belief is also easy when you have been practicing and having success. We have been practicing altering time and space, and so when I set out to do this, it easily happens.

Belief is more of a challenge when you need to change your life's experience. For example, if your chart has been going in one direction, and you need to turn it around then it takes an act of faith to change this belief. For example, if you want to change your income to double what it has been, it is a difficult change in your belief. Watching the movie "The Secret" is not going to be enough.

So, the problem is, how do we do this? How did Henry Ford come to believe that a 6 cylinder engine could be mass produced when his design engineers told him for years that it couldn't be done? How did Edison maintain his belief in the light bulb when filament after filament kept burning out?

The truth is, I don't know how Ford or Edison did it. I do know that I use binaural beats to change my unconscious beliefs because binaural beats take you, and your conscious intention, below the barrier set up by your conscious mind.

Proof that it Works:

Last month, I set an intention, manifesting abundance, that I would double my Google income.

I had no idea where or how this would happen. I did what I could, and scheduled a vacation to allow me to spend more time writing. And then hurricane Irene was forecast and I had to let go of my plans in order to prepare my home for the hurricane. I gave up those three days, and then since there was no electricity the following week, I lost 7/31 days altogether.

As you might have guessed, I would not be telling you this unless I was able to manifest abundance. And I did. Even though I wasn't helping, the Universe filled my order. It did it in a most ingenious manner. The Universe found another popular website, not at all affiliated with the Law of Attraction, and sent it's readers over to us. This was not something I could have orchestrated, or would have thought of.

Did I make exactly what I expected to make? Not exactly. I made $6 more than I had put in the budget. My partner suggested that we double it for next month. OK. I will get back to you on that. First, I will return to my binaural beats.

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