Manifest Joy:  Before Attempting to Manifest Abundance

A joyful, happy person, will have a high vibration.  We cannot manifest wondrous things into our lives until we attain a vibrational match.  So, perhaps the first step in manifesting abundance, is to manifest joy. 

Joy is easy.  Joyfulness doesn’t require an elegant car, or a beautiful home.  A native American from northern NY State, once explained that when she was growing up, no one in her neighborhood had money.  All their Christmas presents were hand made.  She doesn’t remember ever meeting a depressed person in her childhood.  Recently, a man from Guyana explained that when he was growing up, none of the children had shoes because no one could afford them.  But, it was ok because they all were barefoot in school.  No one felt “poor” by comparison with anyone else.  Joy is present when we are happy with our lives, and can en-joy being with friends, family and neighbors.  Joy is a state of mind and emotion rather than an event growing from accumulation.

Joy is partially dependent on our focus.  When we are able to be mindfully in the present, we can en-joy what ever we are doing. We can en-joy being dry, or warm and can en-joy having food, or sharing food with others.  We can en-joy a warm bed, or time to read, or just to be in our home.  We can en-joy our physical health.  Joy is simple. Manifesting joy is easy. 

If you are not currently in this place; if you  are depressed or angry, or discouraged or tired of your life, you are probably focusing on the past or future.  One philosopher , Fulton Ousler, stated  “Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves — regret for the past and fear
of the future.” Lock your doors against those thieves. Stay present, mindfully in the moment, and you can move from depressed or angry to joyful. This will raise your vibrational rate to a match with those who have achieved abundance and whatever else you want will be right around the corner.

A Final Word:

Manifesting is done in the pre-verbal part of your brain.   If you are picturing a “bossy” or “argumentative” person and saying “not”, this part of your brain doesn’t understand the “not” and will attract a bossy, argumentative person for you.  If you are picturing an empty bank account, or a bunch of unpaid bills, this is what you will attract.  So stay in the present, be happy, and picture or wish for only those things that seem possible, or only those things that generate a “yes” in your mind.  This is a time for being united, mind and spirit, and not a time for part of your brain to start an argument.