Life is Magical When Manifesting

Manifesting in the Divine Matrix

A friend of mine who worked in a community based organization, used to pray for clients because she was responsible for outreach and she didn’t know where her clients might be in as large a city as NYC.  She was working with Native Americans, who represent 1% of the NYC population, as they represent 1% of the national population.  It was inconceivable to me, but it worked for her to pray for clients when she was on the subway or bus, commuting to or from work. 

Now I understand that she was manifesting in the divine matrix.  She was sending out her message that meant a lot to her, and it was heard by clients who then were able to find her.  Gregg Braden cites many scientific studies to illustrate how the divine matrix was discovered and understood.  The beauty of it is that no time is involved between the sending and the receipt of a message. Just as no time is involved between the sending and the receipt of a prayer. The divine matrix connects all neurons instantaneously. This is the secret of how identical twins instantly know when the other is in trouble.

The group Heart Math works with the earth’s heartbeat, or its Schumann resonance as does the Global Coherence research project.  This shows connection between the heartbeat of the earth with the human heart.  Elephants feel changes in the earth’s heartbeat through their large, round and sensitive feet. There is a story that before the great tsunami, the elephants who were working near the beach broke away from their chains, tossed women and children onto their backs, and ran up the mountain to safety.  Humans are not as attuned to the changes as the elephant, but when the Global Coherence research project checked their sensors, they found significant changes the morning of President Obama’s inauguration, and before the great tsunami. Both events affected people emotionally around the globe, at the same time.


How Does the Divine Matrix Work?

As my friend discovered, a heartfelt prayer worked quickly and brought her exactly what she asked for. Many Law of Attraction coaches speak of visualizing.  Did my friend visualize her new clients? Probably. This would provide accuracy. But the engine that drives the speed in the Divine Matrix is the power of the emotion. A mother who lifts a car off her child after an accident, is using strength generated from superhuman desire and a willingness to suffer whatever pain is generated in her. There is no ambivalence in her vision, or in the strength of her prayer.

We see from the given examples, that clarity of vision, combined with an absolute belief in the outcome, and driven by a powerful emotion will generate a fast change in the Divine Matrix.  With this, your life can be magical.