The Law of Attraction:

Harmonizing with Abundance and Other Points of Reference

The Law of Attraction is the subject when A Happy Pocketfull of Money warns us that: “When you most feel like holding on to something, it is usually the best time to let it go.” There are no conditions to wealth or any other state that you might wish to manifest. Once you have the vibratory rate of that which you have chosen, it will manifest. Once more, we will caution you, that if your vibratory rate is affected by the feelings of fear, or lack, that will affect what will manifest. This is the Law of Attraction.

Many of you know that these feelings are a possibility for people with any income. There are millionaires who are afraid of losing what they have, just as there are people on public assistance who are afraid. There is no source of income or amount of income that will make you feel safe if you don’t. This is not what you are looking for.

As A Happy Pocketfull of Money warns you, don’t attach to anything, including money. Trust that the Universe will provide as long as you are at a healthy vibratory rate. This is the Law of Attraction.

I experienced this growing up middle class in Larchmont, on Long Island Sound in Westchester, New York. There was what we called “old money”, and there was “new money”. All the adults had lived through the Great Depression, either as adults or children depending on their age. This had an effect on families in the ‘50’s. They saved. Those with “extra” invested. But everyone had money put aside “for a rainy day.” To do this, they lived within their means.

Those with old money were more secure about their financial state than those with new money. Those with old money were comfortable in almost any situation, and would talk with anyone. This is the Law of Attraction. Those with new money were more careful to be seen associating only with those who also had money. At the time, I thought it was a snobbery, but now I see that it had to do with vibrations. They were still solidifying their new status.

We had such a mix of incomes, and all went either to the public school, or the Catholic school. Some of my friends lived in mansions on the water, and others lived in simple apartments and one lived over the gas station. It was generally accepted that her family was “poor.” We connected wealth to the “things” that you had, or didn’t have. This was symptomatic of the ‘50’s in Westchester. We were wrong about this. What we did have was an attunement to a vibrational rate that was harmonious with money. This is the Law of Attraction.

Your Five:

Teachers of abundance and business explain that you will achieve the average income of the five people who are closest to you. It is important that you chose your friends carefully if you are seeking abundance, since you can’t chose your family. This is why those who grow up in a wealthy community, or who go to a major private college or University generally do well. This is the Law of Attraction.

However, true abundance comes from within. The first time I ever thought about this was when talking with a Mohawk from St. Regis. We were colleagues and were chatting before the winter holidays about the amount of hype and the lack of spirit we were seeing in New York City that year. (This was a few years before 9/11/2001).

She mentioned that when she was growing up, her family didn’t have any money to speak of. Her father, a construction worker, was often out of work. Yet, she never felt any lack. They celebrated every holiday, and she remembered them all with a great deal of delight and joy. It wasn’t done with money.

They were connected to the land, to their culture and to their family. The river always had fish. The land always grew corn and trees so there was always something to eat and building material. The family always found something to laugh about. It was an intact, traditional community. As long as someone had paint, and someone had shingles, every house was in good enough repair. Traditional medicine people didn’t charge a set amount but worked for whatever gifts a patient could offer.

So, in two different neighborhoods in the 1950’s and ‘60s we have two kinds of abundance, one of money and property and the other of community and natural resources. In either community, you could harmonize vibrationally with the surrounding abundance. This is the Law of Attraction.

In my family, we had the best of both worlds. In Larchmont, in the 50’s, the village was still small enough that our friends, school mates and neighbors did constitute a functioning community. When I was lost as a five year old, the community turned out into the churches to pray for me as others were out looking for me. When I was a teenager without my own sailboat, there was always someone who offered their boat to me for racing in other areas. As I think about it now, this represented quite a lot of trust. As a fifteen and sixteen and seventeen year old, I was offered boats and trailers worth thousands of (1960s) dollars, and a car (worth thousands of dollars) to take to another state for the weekend. This was harmonizing with wealth. My community was supporting me. Money was never exchanged, but I was enabled to live the life of a wealthy child. This is the Law of Attraction.

And, this was rare in Larchmont, but my father always had a vegetable garden. We were able to walk outside to pick beans, or tomatoes, lettuce and radishes or carrots or beets for dinner, or a snack. I can think of few pleasures in life better than sitting in the tomato patch in the late afternoon or early evening after swimming or sailing all day. I would go out with a cardboard Morton’s picnic salt shaker to pick fresh tomatoes from the vine. Some would be for dinner and some I would eat like an apple right there in the garden. This is the Law of Attraction.

There have been changes since the 60’s. One was caused by a TV show, Dallas. Before Dallas if you had your own 3 or 4 bedroom house most people were happily in the middle class. The TV shows were then sitcoms in the same small houses or small apartments that matched the homes of most of their viewers. Then Dallas was on TV, with the opulence of mansions, furs, and exotic cars that approached the mansion on a large, wide, circular driveway. Parking in front of your home, or driving 20 feet into a two car garage no longer felt abundant. In a few years, people became dissatisfied with a little house and wanted large, 5 or 6 bedroom houses with swimming pools and screened in patios, with central air conditioning and automatic lawn sprinklers. I don’t think there were any vegetable gardens in Dallas. Pity.

People became more comfortable with a larger percentage of debt. Whether this will revert back a bit is yet to be seen.

What has made you feel abundant in the past? This is your point of reference for abundance. Is this where you are now? Would you like to be in a different place?

Your point of reference can only be changed with a change in your energy vibration. Your ego and your subconscious will always be more comfortable at the habitual point of reference, so it will take some concentrated work to raise it.

This is the reason why most of those who have won large lottery’s have lost their money in as little as a year. This is the reason that David Morelli lost his inheritance in a year. You will be able to hold on to only as much money as is a match to your vibrations. To raise your abundance, you have to raise your vibration.

Now, remember, since your vibration will normally be the average of the 5 people closest to you if you live in a poor or middle class environment, this will require some outside assistance.

Practice: Raising Your Vibratory Rate to ________:

Brian Tracey recommends that you seek to double your income, no more. In the movie, The Secret, Bob Doyle recommends that you first attract a cup of coffee. This is the Law of Attraction. Originally, I thought this had to do with your beliefs. I was wrong. It has to do with your vibratory rate. If you have been earning a middle manager’s salary for a number of years, and your friends, living in the same neighborhood are earning about the same, you vibratory rate is not going to jump to that of a millionaire without some time and some experience. And, it’s worse if you are living in poverty area! This is the Law of Attraction.

Andrea Hess, in Unlock Your Intuition recommends against depending on an intuition you have never used to make a decision about a job or buying your first home. She says that this is like deciding to take up jogging a week before your first marathon. The same is true for changing your wealth. The Universe can quickly change your status, but it can only change it to the vibratory rate that is your match.

In the book, Time and Again, Jack Finney describes traveling in time by fooling the unconscious. We can do this to change our vibratory rate. I believe this is a large part of the value of vision boards and visualizing. Your unconscious will change your heart rate if you are being chased by a lion in a dream. It will also change your vibratory rate if you are consistently “seeing” the trappings of wealth, and better yet if you are seeing and “hearing” and “feeling” the trappings of wealth, and the joy, security and gratitude that come with such wealth. This is the Law of Attraction.

Jack Canfield has wealth parties or “come as you will be” parties where his course participants dress up as the person they hope to become. Now, why would this work except that by taking on the costume and personality of their hoped to be status, they change their vibratory rate to a match of that status? This is the Law of Attraction.

How else can we do this if we don’t have access to a Jack Canfield training? Reading magazines or watching movies that portray the status you choose can be helpful as long as you put yourself in that picture, and don’t look at them “longingly” or feel the lack of not having it yet. Put yourself in the picture joyfully. Match the smiles of those in the picture(s).

Splurge on a great set of sheets. I never wear uncomfortable shoes. My mother used to say that expensive accessories are more important than an expensive outfit. Whatever makes you feel “rich” will be where you want to invest.

Listen to great music. This doesn’t cost anything. Change the radio station!

If you live in an inner city, spend time at the Botanical Gardens as if they were part of your estate. This works two ways. First, the visualization is more real if you are there hearing the sounds you would hear and feeling the breezes you would feel if the garden was yours. Second, flowers have a very high vibratory rate that you will rise to if you spend enough time with them. This will clear your blocks to the Law of Attraction.

If you go to a beach, sit in front of your favorite home, whether it’s “cool”, “elegant” or “grand”, and make it yours in your fantasy. As with flowers, large bodies of water have very stable vibratory rates that you will entrain to. There is a reason that the wealthy go for vacations at the ocean or lake. It is energizing and renewing.

In My Fair Lady, Professor Higgens put wonderful clothes on Eliza Doolittle, and taught her to speak without accent or dialect. When he tired of the experiment, and was going to send her back to her lower middle class origins, she couldn’t imagine returning. Her vibrations had changed and she had a new picture of her self and her life.

In Pretty Woman, Edward Ward (Richard Gere) puts expensive clothes on a prostitute, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), and she is totally accepted as his partner. (In late 20th Century America, regional twangs or dialects do not prevent a person from entering the ranks of the wealthy the way they did in old London.)

Aren’t these just stories? No. Any psychology professor will tell you that artists see the truth before psychologists. Now, these two women didn’t just change their way of speaking or dressing, they also were associating for a period of time, with those who had the vibrations of wealth. This is of key importance.

If you walk or jog, do so in an expensive neighborhood. If you go to a movie, do it in an expensive neighborhood. There is no reason to fill your senses with the sights, sounds and smells of your own neighborhood if you are looking for something better. Fill your senses with your intention, rather than with what you intend to leave. Sometimes this is called, “practice.”

There is a caution here. If doing this inspires you with jealousy and a sense of “wanting”, don’t do it until you get these feelings under control. As with Jack Finney’s character, and Jack Canfield’s participants, you will have to enter this fantasy as if you belong (good). Enter this fantasy environment as if it is “yours already” (better). Enter this fantasy environment with gratitude (best).

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