Working Past Blocks With the Law of Attraction Tools

We each have had a time in our life when our success seemed to stagnate, even though we are born with a full set of Law of Attraction tools. This is one of the normal challenges to which we agree when we make the decision to enter into this time/space world. Thus, this happens even when we are doing everything correctly and headed in the right direction. (In this case "right" means headed toward the goal our soul was seeking in this incarnation.) But, it occurs with more regularity when we are headed in the wrong direction or fall into a ditch when we drive off the road. In this case, we are severely neglecting our Law of Attraction tools.

So what is it that causes blocks?

  1. Thinking bad or self demeaning thoughts such as "I don't deserve wealth" or "I'm just not as smart as them" or "It is harder for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle" or "Money is the root of all evil."

  2. Thinking limiting thoughts such as "It takes money to make money" or "You have to know the right people to get anywhere" or "You have to work hard to make it in this world."

  3. Participating in a group that routinely engenders fear or a sense of scarcity such as listening to Fox News, or living in a ghetto, or participating in websites that pass around conspiracy theories or political theories that are negative and discouraging.

  4. Blaming. This is probably the number one block because each time you point the finger elsewhere, you are telling your spirit and your unconscious that you will not be responsible for your life. How can you create abundance when you will not take responsibility?

  5. Jealousy. This is a hidden block because, so often, we barely notice it. It is that slight twinge when our neighbor gets a new car. It is the tightening in the gut when our co-worker gets the award or the raise ahead of us. This is a subtle condemnation of the success that we supposedly crave, and will keep that success out of reach for as long as we continue to harbor jealousy.

The list above is the sunlight that causes bleaching, or the rain that causes rust, or the food that causes blocked arteries. Thinking is generally good, but incorrect thinking is destructive. These are anti- Law of Attraction tools. We will offer you some of the proper and usable Law of Attraction tools.

You Might Have Noticed that the Truly Successful Work Less

I grew up in close to great wealth, and noticed that they had time to sail on their yachts, even to take a month's cruise during the summer. They also had time for tennis or golf. (Few people I knew did both. I don't know why.) They had time for entertaining and vacations. They had time to read and study. Somehow, they had accumulated a great toolbox of Law of Attraction tools.

Now, they did have help. They had people working in their gardens, their pools, and they could hire people when they needed repairs, but this is not the main sticking point in most people's schedule. Most people, especially Americans, spend a lot of time working at their jobs.

Those who are truly successful spend time doing what they like, and they take time to enjoy life without any guilt. To become a wealthy, abundant person, you need to become the person you want to be.

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How do we know how to do this? We each have an emotional guidance system that helps us to head in the, for us, right direction. This is one of the Law of Attraction tools that we are each born with. If you are unhappy, you are heading in the wrong direction. Now, what if you turn around 360 degrees and you don't see anything that will allow you to be happy?

Sit down and do nothing for a while. Nothing allows us to reconnect to our original tool set. (Do not watch TV unless it is something special that you have planned for, because just watching is a distraction that will not bring you happiness or success. It is fake doing. It is wasting time.) Just pay attention to your breathing and appreciate the life it gives to you. Be grateful for that. This will open up your access to your inherent Law of Attraction tools. The first one is your emotional compass. (For a great binaural beat meditation tool....) The very next time you have a choice to make, "turn here or there?" or "eat this or that?" or "put on these pants or those pants?" or "do the laundry or take a walk?" pick the choice that makes you smile.

Never again make a choice because you think that it is the "logical" choice or because you "should" or "ought to" do that thing or do it that way. Doing the "ought to"s is related to "blaming" because it is giving up your power of choice to a rulemaker from your childhood. So, make the choice yourself, based on your preferences and desires. Eventually, you will encounter choices that make you more than smile -- that make you laugh with glee or fill you with warmth or joy.

It is at that point that you will appear to work less, much like the truly successful, because you will be enjoying your life. This has a direct impact on your vibrations, another of the Law of Attraction tools.

Aren't Unfilled Desires Uncomfortable?

Desires are gifts from the Universe. The Universe is constantly changing, evolving and growing. As part of that fractal, we need to be mirroring the Universe and growing right along with it. Our desires point the way to who we really are.

Esther Hicks and Robert Anthony speak about your "Emotional Guidance System" or your "Essential Silent Partner" (ESP). This is the system that will guide you to the fulfillment or attainment of your desires. When you are moving in this "right" direction or following your compass, you will feel a relief and a satisfaction that will mitigate any discomfort from the unfilled desire. We came into this life with enthusiasm and excitement, in spite of finding ourselves stuffed into a tiny body that couldn't walk or talk. We found ways to communicate and we learned to move. We found there was a process for learning or taking in almost anything. But, through it all, we were able to think and we remembered the global well-being-ness of the Universe. The Emotional Guidance System and Essential Silent Partner are two of the most used Law of Attraction tools. Each movement in the direction of our original intention brings us some pleasure, and this is enough.

For example, our bodies need a certain nourishment every day. When we eat a good breakfast we experience a satisfaction because some of those nutritional needs have been met, and some of our needs for fluid and fiber and deliciousness have been met. This is not the total nourishment we need for the day, but if we tried to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once, we would not feel good. We'd feel terrible! It is not ultimately enjoyable to satisfy every desire all at once! So, let's make use of and trust our emotional guidance systems to lead us comfortably and enjoyably to success.

Desires are motivations to change, and we, as humans, need some time to change. The weight lifter is an excellent example, because we all know that to go from a 90 pound weakling to a strapping 190 pound weight lifter takes time, commitment, and appropriate training with attention to stress and recovery, stress and recovery.

Financial success also takes time, commitment, and appropriate training with attention to stress and recovery, stress and recovery. I cannot think of one person who created financial success without ups and downs. And, we have all heard the stories of the Mega-Lottery winners who have lost their millions in a year. This is because they did not first do what they needed to do to build their financial muscles, and become the person they needed to be to keep those millions.

Every one of The Secret teachers meditates.

So, I'm Following My Emotional Guidance System, But Can't Get Past the Blocks....

You know the sayings that "It's easier to get a job when you have a job" or "The man who has everything, gets more"? This is because of vibrations.

Just as you learn to pay attention to the things that hurt you, like stubbing your toe against a heavy piece of furniture, or eating something sour, or putting your hand too close to the fire, you will need to pay attention to the things that make you unhappy and find the happiness in your situation.

Now, you can't avoid taxes, but you can be grateful that you earned enough money that you had to pay big taxes!

You can't avoid compromising with your partner, but you can enjoy having a partner!

You can't avoid putting gas in a vehicle, but you can take pleasure in the fact that you have a vehicle that takes you where you want to go.

The non-physical world is one of energy and vibration and you attract energy to match the energy that you are putting out. If you are looking at the disappointments, this is what you will attract. So, turn around and look at the good in your life and enjoy it.

This is not being a Pollyanna (whoever she was), but adjusting your vibrations to be a match to happiness and success. Sometimes this takes adjusting your thinking, if you suffer from some of the errors we mentioned in the beginning, but often, it simply is an adjustment of your point of view.

As the Hicks say,

"When you ask for the manifestation prior to the vibration, you ask the impossible. When you are willing to offer the vibration before the manifestation -- all things are possible."

This is using the most important of the Law of Attraction tools. It is living a deliberate life.

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