The Law of Attraction and the Truth

The Law of Attraction is not easily explained because we usually try to understand it or master it with our egoic mind because it is the egoic mind which feels lack. Listen with your higher mind, your spiritual mind and it all suddenly makes sense.

Is There Free Will?

Free will requires time. For example, you have a choice to make and you think about it and make a decision about how to handle it. If there is no time, then there cannot be a decision. The choice is always made in the instant, based on your heart's desire which seeks to create what is good and beautiful and true.

Since the Ego exists in time, it believes in free will and will sometimes make something that is neither good nor loving. Don't fret. This will be corrected during the Last Judgement.

The Last Judgement

TheCourse in Miracles explains the Last Judgement. This is time you have been given during which to decide which of your creations are good and worthy, and which were not. Those which are not will cease to exist as only your thinking keeps them in existence. It has nothing to do with God. All of God's creations are good and worthy! Atonement is achieved once all your creations are good and loveable. At that time, there is no reason for fear to remain with you. Fear keeps you grounded in your ego, and does not allow you to transcend to your spiritual personna. Fear extends the time of the Last Judgement and creates all the fears of St. John's version of the Apocalypse. Let go of fear. When there is only love, you will transcend, or go thorough your phase transition as easily as did Jesus.

The Last Judgement is a final healing that you will go through.

How Does Creation/Manifestation Work?

You will make a choice. Your manifestations are based on this choice. If you choose to be joyous, you will be able to manifest anything that makes you joyous. The spirit does not understand "having" but only understands "being".

The spirit holds everything, as the Creator/Source holds everything, by giving it away. The energy of creation is like the energy of ideas. To share, or give away an idea, does not lessen it. Both the originator and the recipient both have it fully. You are stronger when giving away an idea/energy/creation than when you seek to keep it for yourself. Keeping is not something that is understood by your higher mind.

The earth is an idea. Everything that exists is an idea. All ideas are available that synchronize with your chosen emotional state.

Share your joyful ideas, your abundant good ideas with others. Stay grounded in joy and love, and all good things will be available to you. This feeling of love and abundance powerfully generates the Law of Attraction.

That we already have access to it all, is the truth.

You can access more information from theCourse in Miracles by becoming a Mindbridge Passageway subscriber. Mindbridge Passageway subscriber. And, if you are interested in more advanced work on Law of Attraction truth Greg Braden has studied the Law of Attraction truth in Egypt and in Chaco Canyon.