The Four Law of Attraction Truths

Do You Have What it Takes?

The Law of Attraction can be understood and controlled through the understanding of specific truths. Throughout my life, I have gone through different phases, sometimes expansive and outgoing, and sometimes contemplative and inner directed. The last year has been a year of learning, and a year of checking and rechecking the understandings I have already embraced. I have met with hundreds of people, and the same truths keep emerging.

The Law of Attraction will attract to you whatever you expect in your life. Your expectations set your vibrational level, and the Universe will always provide the “requested” match. This is the reason so many add positive affirmations to their daily routine without visible success. Their ego continues to “expect same-o, same-o” for the next hours and days, weeks and years. And, the longer you have believed that you are a mediocre or limited person, the harder it will be to change your expectations. But, the good news is, the Law of Attraction truths will also allow you to quickly have success the minute you change your beliefs.

You will have what it takes, as soon as you believe that you have what it takes. If you believe it takes work, then you will have to work first. If you believe it takes an education, then that is what you will have to do first.

1: What you think about comes about:

There is probably no better advice than to change your thinking as quickly as possible if you are imagining something dire or negative or even, “the same”. When you find yourself thinking about a second hand car rather than a new, efficient and comfortable car, you are attracting a second hand car. Change your thinking as fast as you can, and put yourself into that new car.

2: Trust the Universe:

The Universe has your best interest in mind, as long as you do too! When you have learned to feel good, and to think good thoughts about you and your family, your neighborhood and your friends, then good happens. That the Universe always matches your expectations is a LOA truth.

I have personally seen in my own recent years, that although sometimes bad things seem to happen, when I maintain my trust in the Universe, it always turns around and turns out to be the best way to achieve my goal. And, sometimes ridiculous things happen, miraculous things, so that the crushed car you think you see becomes un-crushed after a few blinks and a change in belief.

3: Move with Speed on Inspiration

There is no time in the spiritual realm, so when you are inspired, act on it quickly. It takes a little practice to know what is inspiration, and what is ego talk. The ego makes arguments and explanations, such as, “we’ve always done it this way” or “Mike Dooley says…” or “every time you …”. Ego is logical and based on your past experience. It’s not necessarily wrong, but it is not inspired.

Inspiration is simple: “turn here”, or “call ____” or “read this ___”. There is no argument and never any historical reasoning. Inspiration comes directly from your higher mind, and from your higher power. You either listen, or you don’t.

This is another of the Law of Attraction truths. Either you listen to inspiration or you don’t. Inspiration comes fast without time for guesswork or planning. Time is speeding up as we approach 2012. You will have to learn to move on your inspiration to keep up.

4: You have chosen to be where you are, right now:

In AA they have a saying, “if things are good, go to a meeting, and if things are bad, go to a meeting.” Wherever you are right now, you are at the beginning of your new life. Depending on what you expect right now, your next few hours and days are being created.

If you have just won some money, or gotten a promotion, you risk doubt and fear of losing it. It is one of the truths of the Law of Attraction that once that fear happens, the Universe will rearrange itself to drop you back into the life you have learned to expect. No matter how improbable it may seem, lottery winners drop back into their comfortable lives in about one year. People with promotions fail. People with new cars have accidents. They have all successfully used the Law of Attraction.

And, if you have just lost your job, or your home, Byron Katie says the Universe is kind. If something in your life is a worry or a problem, the Universe will take it away. Once that happens, you are free to rebuild your life to the level of your expectations and comfort. The Universe will support you in your efforts.

So, if you want to improve your life, beyond your comfort level, you have to change your expectations. You have to become a bigger person. You have to become a person who expects better things. Education does this for many. It’s not that you know more, but like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, the diploma will give you logical permission to raise your expectations. Your ego will stop sabotaging your success.

You can also study with a coach, or study those who have done what you want to do before you, not for the information, but to convince your ego that you now “have what it takes.” AA meetings work because you are associating with people who have made huge improvements in their lives, and are keeping them. This will become your new belief. You can have success and keep it too.

It is one of the Law of Attraction truths that the Universe will supply everything you need to match your vibrational level, whether new or old. This will be easy for you. There will be no exceptions. You will have what it takes as soon as you believe that you have what it takes.

The path you are on, is exactly the path you have chosen through your beliefs. This is the most important of the Law of Attraction truths. Take responsibility. You cannot move from where you are until you take 100% responsibility for choosing this place. For more details on the Law of Attraction...