One of the Law of Attraction Techniques: To Dream the Impossible Dream

August 29th, 2009

When we realize that the adventure of our life is our preparation, then any challenge becomes a hurtle to be jumped rather than "bad luck" and every success is manifestation of a dream we have finally allowed once we master the Law of Attraction techniques. And, in between the hurtles and the successes, we have life.

We see this when we watch children. They have no fear of failure, but rise to every challenge with the confidence that they are bigger, faster, more able than they were yesterday. They leap across chasms that are the equal of the Grand Canyon in their mind. They ride bikes around a home made trail at what seems to be supersonic speed. Children don't need to master the Law of Attraction techniques. They know them intuitively. They jump for the first time off a high diving board or from the edge of a rock quarry, with the courage of a special ops solder jumping from a plane.

Some people are blessed and never lose this original courage and belief. No matter what confronts them, they always feel connected to Source/the love of God/Divinity, retaining their mastery of Law of Attraction techniques. Others, more often, meet with disappointments. These disappointments chip away at their courage and faith. They must rise above these challenges to regain their connection to heart and courage and to their immortal and omnipotent soul which is always connected to Source/the love of God/Divinity.

The quality of faith of a people can be tied to justice in the land. "Whatever you did for the least brothers of mine, you did for me." To remember and act on this, is to retain Law of Attraction techniques.

The Disconnection and Reconnection:

It is never too late to embrace your heart and soul's connection.

What is the source of disconnection? This is the ego, explained so well by Eckhart Tolle. The ego provides the veil, the illusion of separation that was invented so that we could believe in our incarnation on earth. The only obstacle to our recognition of the everlasting omnipotence of all men is the ego. When the ego is allowed to control our reality, we forget the Law of Attraction techniques.

Well, the ego and your family. It seems to be the job of the family to either limit one's dreams, or to expand and support one's dreams. In the Massachusetts Kennedy family (of Joe, Jack, Bobby, Teddy and Patrick) dreams are expanded and supported. And those dreams are connected to fairness and justice for all because of their belief that there is enough for everyone.

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In other families, the message might be that resources are limited. The child might be encouraged to quickly go out and to gather what they can for their family, or to live without.

Yet even if you come from a family that believes the size of the pie is limited, you will always have opportunities to connect with unlimited Source/the love of God/Divinity. People will come into your life to teach you the Law of Attraction techniques. A book will fall off the shelf which will clue you in to the Law of Attraction techniques. You will see a headline while on the bus, or hear a snippet of a radio or TV show that touches your heart and reminds you of the Law of Attraction techniques.

Today is the funeral of Edward M. Kennedy. This was a man who was presented with many, many challenges. Today, there are so many opportunities to hear the wisdom of a great man, whether you believe in Teddy Kennedy or Jesus, or are touched instead by the children who have been affected by great courage. As Ted Kennedy taught his 12 year old son after the loss of his leg when he was learning to walk and the winter snows and ice were offering additional challenges...."I know that you can do it. There is nothing that you can't do. We are going to climb that hill together, even if it takes us all day." The two gifts he gave his son that day were surety and perseverance; two of the Law of Attraction techniques.

With regard to sailing, he would take his family out the evening before any race, and they would stay out past the time when the dinner was cold and everyone else had gone in so that they could practice their jibes and spinnaker handling. His son once asked why they were always the last to go in. Teddy explained, "Son, the others are smarter than we are. But, the reason we are going to win tomorrow is that we will be a more practiced team."

As Senator Kennedy said, "Always be willing to compromise, but never compromise on your principles." On a boat, as in life, there is a role for everyone, even for the scrawny little redhead with asthma. Kennedy had lost his oldest brother in WWII, and soon afterward lost his next two brothers and suffered his own personal tragedy with the accident that caused the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. This would have beaten a lesser man.

Through his own suffering, Edward Kennedy was sensitized to the suffering of others. His life work became to give a voice to those who otherwise would not be heard. And, from the stories of friends on the Hill, he was the one who always showed up if you had personal troubles and needed a friend.

Questions that Move You Forward:

The questions you ask of yourself, as of others, will always be answered. Sometimes they are answered in the night when all is quiet, or in your meditation , and sometimes they are answered in the light of day by a teacher or mentor.

They are always answered and will be heard if you listen. Your only responsibility is to ask the best possible questions.

Do not ask, "why was I tripped up?" Ask instead, "What can I learn from this? How can I prevent those who come after me from tripping as I have tripped?"

Do not ask, "Why is that person so difficult?" Ask instead, "What does that person care about, fear or understand that will help me to reach their heart in spite of our differences?"

Do not ever give up, saying, "This is impossible" for if you say it and believe it, so it will be. Ask instead for the strength and incite, for the commitment and determination that will be needed to see the task through.

It was Helen Keller who said that she would rather be without sight and have vision than to be without vision and have sight. Our bodies are limited, but our spirits have no limits.

So, ask the big questions, and you will get big answers.

"Why am I here?"

"Where am I going?"

"What can I do to improve life for all?"

Don't be afraid to dream the impossible dream. Simply believe that it is possible. Our Source/Divinity will always reassure us as Teddy Kennedy affirmed to his son, "I know that you can do it. There is nothing that you can't do. We are going to climb that hill together, even if it takes us all day."