Law of Attraction Techniques: Updated

The Law of Attraction is simple, and Law of Attraction techniques help us to maintain control. Control is where most people fail. We talk about mind control, and control of your emotions, but neither of these is the place to start. We talk about positive thinking, or being positive, but this is not where we need to start either. Finally, we talk about allowing, or ridding ourselves of blocks, and this too in important, but this is not the starting place either. Read on and we will make the Law of Attraction techniques something you can actually use in your life.

Law of Attraction Technique No. 1

To control the Law of Attraction we must believe in a spiritual/quantum/energetic world. This is the first of the Law of Attraction techniques: Belief. It doesn't matter whether you are a scientist or a mystic, as long as you believe in a world beyond what we currently can weigh or measure. Build your belief and understanding of what Paul Pearsall calls L-energy, or the Chinese refer to as Chi and Christians refer to it as the Holy Spirit. Scientists tell us, and prove to us, that we are energetic beings. Jesus told us that to experience miracles, we had to believe.

This belief is built by noticing. Notice that when you are thinking of a friend, he or she will soon call. Or notice that when you think before a meeting that something good is going to happen, it does, or when you think/feel the opposite, the opposite usually happens. Notice that when the phone rings, if you think it is something good it is, and if you think it will be something bad, that will happen.

For this Law of Attraction Technique, it doesn't matter whether you believe that you have made the good or bad thing happen, but it is enough to notice that you are connected at an energetic level to what happens in your life. This will build your belief in that energetic world. Some keep a notebook and this will help as long as it does not become a burden. This brings us to the second of the Law of Attraction techniques.

Law of Attraction Technique No. 2

We control the energetic world of Chi or L-energy best when we control least. Meditating or visualizing for hours on your goal will sabotage it faster than meditating on it's opposite. Well, either way you will fail to manifest what you want. L-energy is subtle energy. Again, Jesus shows us the way when He tells us that whatever we ask the father in his name, we will be granted. It's the simplicity He was explaining. The second of the Law of Attraction techniques is to make or state your intention simply, and then to let it go.

Paul Pearsall, PhD., for The Heart's Code, interviewed at Princeton University's PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Program) which has studied L-energy or subtle energy for over 20 years. He was told a story about using a group of people to try to influence a random number generating machine that produced either a one or a zero. The people chosen did not have any special training or psychic abilities. Dr. Pearsall was told that most people have a good influence at first, and then they have a period of time where they "try" too hard and fail. Finally, they find a way to relax and then their scores get much better. Dr. Pearsal was told about their best candidate. She would set her intention, to increase the zeros, or the ones, and then have a vanilla yogurt and read whatever book she had brought with her.

The Princeton scientist said that for a while they thought it was the vanilla yogurt because her scores were so far above that of anyone else. But, they have since determined, that it is her lack of effort or struggle that is the key. She connects with the machine, and then she lets it respond to her request without bothering it again.
Law of Attraction teachers will tell you that if you are struggling, you are doing this wrong. Mike Dooley says that he spends 4 minutes a day on his visualizing, and then lets it go. I had a theory that a big goal will take a long time. Andrea Hess corrected me. "It takes no time at all."

This week I am on vacation, and spending less time writing than I normally do because I am off having fun with my partner. -- This, by the way, generates more L-energy and is also one of the very powerful Law of Attraction techniques. On Saturday, when I realized there was no way I would get my usual amount of work done, I set my intention to continue to build our passive income.

Would it surprise you that the website has had its highest three days of pages read -- ever? And, the daily unique readership has almost doubled this month over the last -- while I was not doing anything to generate more readers, more exposure, or to increase the numbers of those linking to the site. Like the woman with the vanilla yogurt, I simply set the intention at the beginning of my vacation, and let it go.

As soon as your brain gets involved, you lose your ability to generate strong Chi or L-energy, or subtle energy. So,the second of the Law of Attraction techniques is to set your intention/prayer and let it fly.

Law of Attraction Technique No. 3

Disconnect your brain and your ego. These are no more than sonar and memory devices. A ship's captain does not ask his sonar operator where they ought to go. He sets the ship's course and then the sonar operator watches for nearby impediments. An investment banker does not ask his computer to predict the future. The computer is a wonderful instrument for recording the history of millions of stock movements. These sometimes help an investor to spot trends, but trends are not enough for a complete investment strategy.

Manifesting your life is done from your gut, your center, or your heart. No one ever manifested more than a few dollars, or a choice between peace or vanilla ice cream from their brain alone. The electromagnetic energy of the heart is 5,000 times more powerful than that of the brain, and we have no way at this time to measure the Chi or subtle energy or L-energy.

So, when seeking to use the Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting, don't forget to disconnect your brain. Like those working for the PEAR program experiment, as soon as you engage your brain, you ability to alter the non-measurable life energies will decrease. Instead, connect to Divinity/Source/Creator with your heart/soul and let fly your intention and believe that this is all you have to do.

You way will be made easier with a daily meditation practice. This will help you separate from the stresses and worries being generated today. Worries empower your brain and ego and make it difficult to trust in your connection to subtle L-energy from your heart. For guided meditations and binaural beats, please take a look at ARVRI

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