LOA, Practically Speaking

Basic Assumptions when Manifesting Money

The LOA is, practically speaking, not difficult to control. The Universe wants us to be happy and we come into this space/time life knowing how to allow the abundance to come to us.

The LOA basic principles are:

  1. There is no shortage of money or resources as the Law of Divine Abundance states that everything is, at all times, available to us. Since the Universe is constantly growing, the stuff that comprises it is also multiplying.

  2. We each are 100% responsible for our circumstances. We were born knowing this and turned over our beliefs to family and cultural beliefs. We did not enjoy giving up this freedom.... Yet, it is our freedom to give up. No one else can create our choices or our experiences.

  3. The Law of Attraction (LOA) says that we can manifest into reality anything that we can imagine with out minds, and that our vibrational energy must correspond with the thing to be manifested. Until we are a match, it will remain in escrow.

  4. We are spiritual beings in physical form. We are committed to spiritual education and growth, and we know that "if we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to achieve what we've always achieved."

To Control the LOA, Learn What it is That You Really Desire

Sometimes we state as a goal, to have more money. This doesn't ever work out very well when using the Law of Attraction (LOA). It's too general, and money isn't exciting enough to generate much emotion. It is, in itself, only energy. So, we're going to give you a little exercise to show you what we mean.

  1. Figure your monthly income from last month, or your average from last year if it is easier.

  2. Figure out what it would take to change your life in a big way.

  3. What is that percentage of your monthly income?

  4. Finally, what would this allow you to do, have or become? What would this change provide for you?

  5. And, how would you feel if you achieved the change above?

    This is what you really want when you are using the LOA. Is it freedom? Flexibility? Love? Beauty? This is what you want to mention when you are making your LOA goal statement.

  6. Lastly: What activities can you begin now that will give you that feeling? This will put you in the vibration that is in sync with your ultimate goal.

Learn to Mold Your Energy as a Sculptor Molds a Figure:

For downloads of the Law of Attraction secrets, click on link to the right. We recommend all these readings!

When talking about LOA, Andrea Hess says, "Money is never about the money, but about the transformation that it can create in our lives." We use our emotions as the sculptor uses clay. Emotions generate vibrations. Vibrations align us with our reality manifested. This is how we use the LOA.

I am looking for more Joy, Freedom and clarity. What are you looking for?

Think of as many activities as possible to create what you want. I have thought of these activities to create the things listed above:

  1. More time with people
  2. Less schedule: Do something fun every day or do somethings different every day
  3. Pay attention to what I want to do rather than "should do".
  4. Continue to meditate and learn

You also want to re-align spending discretionary income with new circumstances. Spend some money on joy and freedom! Sometimes we allow our spirit to flow, and other times we don't....

There is a stream of well being and it is the basis of all-that-is. This is one of the teachings of Abraham. We are not here to move forward but to experience outrageous joy!

The Process

  1. Ask
  2. Listen to the answer
  3. Allow the answer/response into your life

I just have to mention this, even though I am sure you already know it.

Step 1, the asking, is done every time you have a thought, an attraction, or a fear. It happens when you're awake, when you're day dreaming and when you're asleep. Your emotional responses to environmental stimuli and to your thoughts are each a request.

Step 2, the answer, might come as an event, or it might come as an inspiration. Inspirations can be distinguished from ego-born ideas by their simplicity. They are simple, declarative statements or suggestions. They do not come with any history or explanations.

Step 3 is the one that most often presents resistance. This is where you have to set your vibrational tuner to the request that you have made. If it is not a match, your request will go into escrow.

LOA Scarcity Principle vs Flow of Abundance

Scarcity offers great resistance to the LOA. As Abraham says, every subject is really two subjects, the desire and the lack of it. When you have aligned with lack, you are resisting the flow of LOA abundance.

We each have an emotional guidance system to help us with this aspect of LOA. It's really very simple. If you focus on the "lack" or scarcity, you will feel bad. You want to keep your focus on the thing that makes you feel good. This will keep your vibrational frequency set to the right channel of allowing.

For example, if you want a new something. Focus on the good feelings generated by the new thing. If your attention turns to the old, with the dents and chips and dings, you will feel bad, and those feelings of lack and "need" will generate more reasons to feel "lack" and "need".

This is the practice that takes discipline. This is deliberate manifesting. The more joyous you are, the more control you will have of your creative energy and the LOA.

When you have been wanting something for a long time, your creative energy (LOA energy) is deeper. This is where you have to be very careful. That deeper energy, if it goes to how long you have been without this particular thing, will more strongly create more "lack" of it. If, however, you learn to focus on the joy of anticipation, you will strengthen your connection to the reality of your dream, and bring it closer to you.

Your feelings will let you know whether you are attracting or rejecting the thing that you desire. Either way, you are using the LOA.

Control Your Thoughts

You cannot blame others, complain about life, be angry at political leaders or financial leaders, or your family, and expect anything wonderful to come into your life.

Control these thoughts!

You must control the direction of your thoughts, and keep them in the direction that brings happiness, excitement and joy into your life. It is your responsibility to set your dial.

You probably have a set point that you will recognize. The set point, like the pre-set buttons on your radio, are more familiar and easier to get to. But, if your life is not now the one you intend, you will need to change these pre-sets. This takes quite a bit of discipline.

Above, we mentioned blaming and complaining. You cannot take control of a situation you have assigned to someone else. You have to take back control. Otherwise, you will simply prove your statement that "____ is a dope" or "______ doesn't know what they are doing."

Take back control and then attend to your feelings. If your feelings are strong, and positive, you are allowing fulfillment of your desire. If your feelings are strong and negative, you are strongly pushing away that which you desire.

Finally, if your feelings are weak, or some might say in neutral, think of this as an emotional fuel gauge. You will have to do something to add fuel to your tank. You need to find some thoughts that enrich your emotional tank. Follow your bliss!

Mike Dooley gives some practical tips. One favorite when you're feeling stressed or down, is to make a list of all the reasons you are going to be a great success at _______________. Whether you are going to give a speech, or go on a job interview, or run your first meeting, this is a great way to set up the vibration of success.

You control your alignment with your dreams and wishes. When you are jealous or unhappy, you are not in alignment. If you don't believe that you can have what you desire, you are not in alignment with your wish, or with the Universal Flow.

The Universe Controls Events

It is your job to control your emotions/vibrations. It is the job of the Universal Flow to make the things happen which will result in the manifestation of your dreams. You are in partnership with the Divine.

Neither can you hold your desires back. The Universe is continually expanding and it forces you to be continually expanding as well as long as you are staying in the flow. You feel this expansion as desire.

As Abraham explained to Esther Hicks:

    Variety causes contemplation

    Contemplation produces preference

    Preference is asking

    Asking is always answered

Your only question is: How can I bring myself into vibrational alignment with my desires? And then, your task is to do it. Do not give your energy to the thing that you do not desire. As Michael Beckwith says so eloquently, "Where attention goes, energy flows."

The Universe provides a flow of well-being. You can enjoy it, or you can fight it. It is really your choice. If you align with it, there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have. This is the law.

Remember that the road signs posted along the way are your feelings. As long as you are feeling good, you are headed in the right direction.

Now, there will be some things that you do not desire so that you can better understand the things that you do desire. This is necessary so that you can choose and focus. Variety is the spice of the Universe for anyone choosing a life utilizing the LOA.

For more how to information when using the LOA.