Gregg Braden explains the Shift of the Ages due in 2012

These are not new ideas to Gregg Braden who produced this 4 hour video training in the late 1990's, but since we are approaching 2012, we wanted to include his insights. Gregg Braden is uniquely qualified to put together the complicated puzzle pieces of what seems to be a 3000 year cycling of the Earth. He is a prolific author/presenter, a scientist, and a student of the ancient peoples. He has studied in the ancient places and gained access to ancient texts. Where possible, he has met with teachers who maintain ancient traditions and they have helped Gregg Braden to interpret the teachings, and particularly, the predictions of their predecessors.

The Shift of the Ages is predicted for the Winter Solstice of 2012, or December 2012, Gregg Braden reminds us. We have some time but it is only in the ancient cultures that we are taught how to prepare. The Essenes ask us to engage in the Mysteries of the Self. We know this because, luckily, the Essenes hid the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumram when the Romans were about to conquer their lands. The earliest of the scrolls dates to about 250 B.C.; the latest to 68 A.D., when the conquering Romans destroyed Qumran on their way to Jerusalem. This they burned a bare two years later, effectively ending the First Jewish Revolt against Rome.

For a detailed explanation of who the Essenes were thought to be, see Frontline. Gregg Braden also studied the texts from the Nag Hammadi Library. Information, if you are interested, can be found here, Both of these sites contained texts that had been deleated from the modern Bible during the 12th Century Nicean Council.

This is a training by Gregg Braden, in series of 4 videos, taking 4 hours.... No one explains this better than Gregg Braden. No one else is able to show the earth science as changes are now happening, and compare it to the wisdom and teachings of ancient cultures, and tie in current information about human biology in the way that Gregg Braden can.

We will present the videos, and also some loose transcription for your aid, either before you view the videos, or to remain as a printed record to jog your memory at a later date.

And, an announcement, that after you view this series, you can get a contemporary update on Gregg Braden's thinking about 2012 and other examples of Fractal Time.

Fractal Time.

In the beginning, Gregg Braden explains, the ancients had a strong connection to their spiritual identities. There was much space, Gregg Braden reminds us, and few people. People remembered their origins, and their purpose. Native Americans call it, the Way. He identifies compassion as a natural gift.

And, as lives changed, memory of the gift began to fade and the building of machines helped bring about a feeling of separateness from the world, separateness from the universe, separateness from the Source Consciousness that we no longer remember. Gregg Braden tells us that the ancients called this Source, who many of us have forgotten, spirit.

A Course in Miracles speaks at length about our belief in our separation from Source Consciousness/God. It explains how our ego was made to allow us to be in the illusion of time-space, while in reality, we (as spirit) never left Source Consciousness/God. The ego then wants us to hold on to our physical body as if to let it go would cause our death, because it would cause the death of the ego which is not needed in the real world.

The real world is easily distinguished from the false world of time-space, because anything destructible must be in the false world. Therefore, there is never any reason to be angry since nothing real is ever destroyed. Gregg Braden will speak about this at the end of his video training as the Science of Compassion, and this is the culmination of the trainings in the temples of the ancients. Once we initiates have learned to master our emotions, we will be fully prepared for the Shift of the Ages.

We are nearing this time, Gregg Braden explains, that the ancients called the Shift of the Ages. For understanding, our technology is sending us back to ourselves, for the answers of the meaning of life.

Some believe that Jesus was an Essene initiate because so many of His teachings fit the Essene's lifestyle. Certainly, A Course in Miracles explains that the lesson of the Crucifixion was Love and resurrection rather than hate or blame or fear. These negative emotions make no sense to a spirit who cannot be killed. A Course in Miracles says about this,

'As you teach so shall you learn'. If you react as if you are persecuted, you are teaching persecution, This is not a lesson a Son of God should want to teach if he is to realize his own salvation. Rather, teach your own perfect immunity, which is the truth in you, and realize that it cannot be assailed. .... Your resurrection is your reawakening. I am the model for rebirth, but rebirth itself is merely the dawning on your mind of what is already in it. ....The resurrection is the symbol of sharing because the reawakening of every Son of God is necessary to enable the Sonship to know its wholeness. Only this is knowledge.

The message of the crucifixion is perfectly clear:

Teach only love, for that is what you are....

...The ego projects to exclude, and therefore to deceive. The Holy Spirit extends by recognizing Himself in every mind, and thus perceives them as one....The peace of God lies in that message, and so the peace of God lies in you.

Gregg Braden would certainly include this in the Science of Compassion.

A Course in Miracles explains that we made the ego. God made us and so we are aligned with the light and love. We are one. The ego was not made out of love and is legion. It is only through the perception of the ego that we are able to see that which is not true.

The sun is decreasing its magnetics.

This seems to be due to a signal from the center of our solar system.

Gregg Braden explains that Jupiter's red eye is a storm. This was first noted by the Chinese, 3,000 years ago. As the sun recently started to decrease its magnetic polarity, this storm started to reverse its rotational direction. A fragment, a body, of something caught on camera but not defined, hit Jupiter and broke into 21 fragments. What this was, or why the storm reversed its rotation, is still a mystery.

Scientists suspected, Gregg Braden explains, that this would affect the water vapor on Earth and change our weather patterns. Each time one of these fragments hit Jupiter, wave patterns were sent to the Earth. That it has affected us is clear asserts Gregg Braden.

The faster the Earth rotates, the stronger the fields, and vice versa.

We are now living at about halfway in the wave of field strength. 2,000 years ago the fields were at a maximum. The Earth is slowing down each year. If the cesium clocks were not adjusted, by the end of the decade, what was midnight would be noon.

It is not a linear change, Gregg Braden explains, but geometric change. We experience about 50% less magnetics than we had 1500 years ago. It appears we were losing 8% every 100 years, although it has speeded up now.

In the past, this kind of drop has always preceded a pole reversal. On a scale of 1 to 10, we are around a 1 or 1.5, and dropping.

Gregg Braden shares a chart showing that the last time the poles reversed in Western history was about 11000 and 13000 years ago which corresponds with Plato's account of the sinking of Atlantis, and the great flood.

However, we may have experienced this as recently as 3500 to 3600 years ago, Gregg shows us. The texts of many indigenous people indicate this. We see this recent record in the ice records in Antarctica.

Gregg Braden explains that this has never happened with so many people living on the planet.

Zero point magnetics will happen before this reversal.

Gregg Braden, wearing his geologist hat, explains that Base Resonent Frequency is the heart beat of the Earth. These are electromagnetic pulses. It has been about 7.8 cycles/second (Schumann Frequency) and was thought to be a constant.

From 1958 on, they agreed to stop publishing this. It was the basis of new weapons systems... Gregg explains.

In mid 1980's, that number began to increase, to 8 to 8.2 to 8.6. In early 1996, it reached 9 cycles per second. As we move forward in time, as magnetism decreases, our frequency increases.

Fibonacci series of numbers, or sacred numbers. This series governs the branching on trees. Any element is derived by taking the sum of the previous two numbers. Or, if you take the tip of any finger and measure to the first joint, and then measure from that tip to the next joint. Then if you divide the big number by the little, the ratio will be the same. This is called the golden ratio. --> .618

The Fibonacci series, Gregg Braden tells us, also seems to govern the heartbeat of the Earth! The number 13 is the next in the sequence, and will be the Base Resonent Frequency when the earth is at Zero point magnetics. 13 cycles per second, or 13 hz will be one of two digitally measurable parameters of the Earth that govern cellular, emotional and genetic response to what we call life.

At the time these two things happen, the magnetics reach zero, and the heart beat electromagnetic pulses reach 13 hz, every old school, every sect, every religion -- the Essenes, the order of the Holy Grail, the Peruvian Mystery schools, the Christian traditions --> they are all aimed at what we must do in our lives to prepare for

The Shift of the Ages

Heating of the Solar System and Changes in all Energy Systems:

The planets in the outer reaches of our solar system, have warmth. Gregg Braden explains that we had always believed that they were heated by the radiant heat of our sun. But, these days, while the sun is now cooling, the outer reaches planets are heating up. There is an internal source of heat within these planets. We don't know the source for certain.

This has helped us to understand our own context, and our own emotional, social and genetic makeup Gregg Braden explains.

The systems of energy that allow Earth to be Earth include: Social Systems,Political SystemsEconomic Systems,Geological SystemsMeteorological SystemsAgricultural Systems

These are all common energy systems, or patterns of energy held together by common threads of vibratory experience and these threads are shifting.

We are having an unprecedented number of seismic events in the Geological system Gregg Braden tells us. Some of these we hear about. In the latter years of the 1990's these events occurred in the Midwest: Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and in the Northeast: New York. In California, there are so many level one, level two and level three events, they can no longer discern one from another. This seems to be a continuous shift.

In Japan, there were over 70 sequential seismic events in 1994, and they were non-related.

In California, two were triggered simultaneously which were non-related.

In Bolivia, an earthquake epicenter was 400 miles beneath the center of the earth. It was not felt in Peru, but in Toronto and Denver. Researchers didn't know why it was not felt in Bolivia or Peru.

The Marriage of Old Traditions and New Science:

Polarity can be created in an iron bar when a copper wire is wrapped around it, because the flow of electrons is circular and produces the fields. When the electricity is shut off, the polarity ends. If the electricity is sent in the opposite direction, the polarity is reversed.

The center core of our Earth is crystalline, 98% iron, and not circular. A mystery has always been, "Where do these magnetic fields come from?" It's the same as the electrons running around a copper wire. Earth rotates, and within that, the mantle rotates and the inner core rotates, and their rates all vary. What you have are electrons running around the iron core of the Earth.

The Ozone is disappearing more quickly than anticipated.

Are we warming up or cooling down, Gregg asks? This affects agricultural and economic systems.

We are experiencing unprecedented new virus'. We now have HIV1 look-a-like, HIV2 look-a-like, HIV3 look-a-like, Hunta virus, and virus' we believed were cured are coming back with a vengence such as polio. Why is this happening and why now?

Gregg Braden explains The Mystery of Crop Circles:

We have had crop circles since the 1970's Gregg Braden explains. They are simply circles of bent stalks, bent at a 51% angle and they are still alive and harvestable. The harvested grains are different from within the circle. The crystaline structures are different. Seeds from these circles germinate more quickly, bud more quickly and produce more berries than those from outside the circle.

Researchers were unclear about how this happened. We did know that animals tended to avoid these circles. Porcupines don't run from danger but curl into a ball. In Canada, two dead Porcupines were found within the circles and their quills were wound with the stalks.

IN 1993, there was a grand finale Gregg Braden shows us. There was a picture that looked much like a Native American petroglyph. Prior to this, scientists had thought that crop circles were a natural phenomena of wind, but this was too intentional.

In England, crop circles were appearing at 11 per day in 1994 while Gregg was at a crop circle Conference.

The grand finale, was a representation of a pattern in sacred geometry, called the seed of life or the flower of life.

There is another from 1995, that seems to be a model of our solar system, but there is no Earth in this picture. Mercury and Venus are there, and Mars and the Astronoid belt.

There is a change happening. Gregg Braden believes that Earth as we have always known Earth, will probably never look the same as it did before.

These glyphs are appearing many places. They are appearing in frozen streams. They are embedded in the inner layers of the ice. One was on a sand bar on the Rio Grande River in Mexico. A balloonist lost altitude on the day of the solstice, saw and photographed the spiral that didn't last long. How these are being

Astological Passages:

There is a natural photon belt, Gregg Braden shows us, that we seem to move through every 26000 or 27000 years. In 1961 an astronomer began to detect light, photons, of increasing density of particles of light. It takes us 2000 years to pass through. At the 1000 year point we are at the densist point at the center. We are in it now. Gregg Braden believes that we will reach the center at what the ancients call The Shift of the Ages.

What will this mean? We are looking at magnetic models and models of base resonant frequency of the earth. These parameters are timed with our moving into the center of the photon belt.

Gregg Braden says this is offering to us a reference of light.

The ancient calenders all point to this decade as being unique to Earth history. Mayan, Chinese, Tibetan, all end at this point Gregg explains.

Drawn 39000 years ago, the Egyptian calendar ends now.... the passing of linear time. The Mayan calendar (18000 years old), ends in 1992. They considered us as being between two times, or on overlapping times, likely from the photon belt. They said it was the time between the time that had always been and the time that was yet to be. They said that those who lived in this time, would be living in the time of no time. A being who lived during this time would have to be strong enough to remember and hold on to the purpose of their life.

The Hopis say that we have lived in 5 worlds. Each time, the mind and heart have become so dissonant, there was no way to find healing. The Earth purifies. Others say, when we go to sleep, we live a dream within a dream. On that night when we awaken, the world will be different.

While there is no rotation, it rests. When it begins to rotate once more, it will rotate in the opposite direction.

As a geologist, he was taught that without rotation, there would be no gravity.... We now know that it is not true. Centrifigal force will end, but gravity is not a function of rotation. We have records that this has happened in recorded history.

This means that "the long night" that lasted 3 days or so, or the Hopi record a time when the sun rose twice in one day. First it rose in the west, and then about 20 hours later rose again in the east.

The inner cores will probably stop before the outer core does.

We are going through this phase change Gregg Braden tells us, with out earth. Just as we change magnetics and frequency, we remain carbon based beings, but we are changing in crystalline state, almost as water changes from liquid to ice or gas.

We are made of the same elements as the Earth. The Earth is going through a change.

Spiritual Traditions:

A chart of Buddha, with the Buddha in the center, and the concentric circles around him used to be explained as the experiences a person must go through to reach the Buddha state. They are actually vibratory codes!

Traditional Tibetan scriptures have a path of choice, where something in the life of a human may leave the body and transition. The Tibetan book talks about coaching the soul through that tradition. The Egyptian tradition has something similar. Newt. In every day, we live trough Newt's cycle. The sun passes through her body, and she has a period of human, and then she swallows the sun and there is darkness until the sun and newt are reborn.

In the Christian tradition, the soul also leaves the body and transitions.

Gregg Braden explains that the vibratory pattern of the soul holds the elements, body and soul, together.

The Mystery schools say something different.

Ancient Traditions talk about Phase Transitions in the Human Body at the time of The Shift of the Ages

"In those days, we shall not sleep but will all be changed in the twinkling of an eye."

The Egyptian Emerald Tablets: Toth-- "As above so below..." "Like treats like." "Human is changing to forms of light that are not of this world."

From the book of Mormon. "In those days thee shall never endure the pains of death. When I come, thee shall be changed from mortality to immortality. It is in our bodies that we shall see God."

In the Essene transitions.... In the Scrolls around the Dead Sea area.... Ethiopian tradition, The Tibetan text, the Armenian tradition, the Essene traditions run throughout.

We find that when the Bible was revamped, some of the books that were taken out were those that related to the teachings of the ancient Essenes. In their traditions, our purpose is not to glorify God, but to live in a particular way and to know God. The secrets of the book of Enoch looked up to our time to give us a map of the changes we would go through. This talks about the earth tilting on its access.

More can be found here on the Nag Hammadi texts, if you are interested:, and information on the Essenes can be found at

It is disputed whether or not Jesus was an Essene, but many of his teachings are similar to those of the Essenes. He was thought to be an initiate of the Essenes. He learned a trade and learned of commerce. He learned to master his emotions in order to progress through his life. He remembered compassion and then, Gregg Braden explains, a genetic change occurred in his body. This caused a reordering in his body which allowed a "phase change" that we now call resurrection.

The Phase Transition of the Earth:

These changes in the earth are calling us to make changes with it. Jesus provided us with a model 2000 years ago. What do we know about this? The shroud of Turin, according to Los Alamos labs, tells us that the shroud was scorched due to a bio-chemical event. We often talk about increasing our vibrations. It is likely that the vibrational rate of Jesus was so increased at the time of his resurrection, that the heat generated scorched the shroud.

This resurrection was a phase transition, and Jesus offers us an example of how to make safe passage through The Shift of the Ages

Gregg Braden points us to the science of compassion because they shift our genetic codes.

He shows us a series of visual patterns generated by higher and higher frequency sound waves generated into a medium. The medium responds and changes through rotation. As I was watching this, our cat was attentive, obviously hearing the high frequency that I was unable to hear.

Yet, Gregg points out that our bodies are aware of these frequencies. We also know that frequencies affect our world. Emotions generate frequencies and these affect the patterns within our body, even as our bodies are affected by the changing frequency of the earth.

Our brain responds to electromagnetic pulses. It receives signals from our heart, and then sends out signals to the cells. From where does our heart receive signals? From the earth. And the system from the earth to the heart to the brain to our cells is continuous.

The earth entrains the heart. Where does the earth get its signals? From the sun. The earth is tuned to the sun and the sun is losing its magnetics. It is getting its signal from a site in the center of the solar system.

Our emotions enable or impede our ability to stay tuned to the earth. Fear is a powerful discordant frequency that prevents us from staying tuned to the earth.

We have separated mind knowing from heart knowing. The ancients told us to love the earth. Now that we can see that we have cut ourselves off from our planet and our heart.

Fear has many masks. Fear is the one thing that will prevent the entrainment of heart to earth. Anger, frustration, discontent, judging and blaming are all examples of fear that will show in our relationships.

Preparation for the Phase Transition by the Ancients:

In Chaco Canyon, there are over 800 Kivas (chambers). They are tuned resonant chambers that simulate either low magnetics or high frequency or both so that the initiate might know how his body will respond to these experiences.

We no longer need these temples as simulators because we are living through these actual times of low magnetics and high frequency. Our relationships offer opportunities to learn to control our emotions.

One of the best known is in the Great Pyramid of Egypt with the flat top. The King's chamber passageway has a box called the sarcophagus. Many initiates in the mystery schools simulated what we are living through right now. Some say that Jesus of Nazareth and Moses each completed his initiation in this chamber. The ancients laid out the road map for what we are experiencing now.

Each of the chambers was built to bring out a different human emotion. Sec met was the goddess of war. Her temple was built to bring out the warrior within us so that we can learn how to master it and when it is appropriate to bring it out. Your relationships will teach you to recognize the appropriateness.

The Temple of Isis was dedicated to two different aspects, fidelity to the truth of one's path and conjugal fidelity or the fidelity to one's commitments.

Hath ore's face is often wiped off or chiseled off of columns and temples. The recently found temple conquest was a small temple dedicated to Hath ore. If you are not able to see the video, Hath ore looks a bit like _____ in Star Wars. Hath ore represents the love of oneself.

The other temples are the temple of rage, the temple of lust the temple of light, the temple of darkness. Whatever temple you go into, you will find the image of Hathore, of love, outside because we are asking ourselves to know ourselves. The initiatives could stay in each temple, until they had learned to master that emotion. The final temples were the temple of knowledge and the temple of wisdom.

We no longer have the luxury of isolating those emotions, Gregg Braden reminds us. Our relationships are the temples that teach us about pain and fear and our warrior within.

The temple of knowledge is in front of Ceti 1st is being dated at over 22,000 years old. It is made of solid grannite and the blocks are set into each other with tongue and grove construction. The blocks weigh 60 to 80 tons each. This archetecture is not seen even today.

Flash burned, scorched, into the quartz are geometric patterns, 19 interlocking circles known as the flower of life in the science of sacred geometry. We don't have anything today to do this work. This pattern is two dimensional. All that may be known in mathematics, is embodied in this pattern.

A series of interlocking curves, the vesica pisces, is now called electrical and magnetic information, Gregg Braden explains. It is the science of the union of opposites. Anything can happen within the union of opposites. This knowledge would be meaningful to the initiates when they reached the temple of knowledge.

Moving from the temples of emotion through the temple of knowledge to the temple of the Sphinx, the temple of Wisdom. This is where the Hall of Records was maintained, or those who lived the knowledge. Edgar Cayce referenced this three times. Three new passageways lead to some chamber inside this temple that will not be opened until 1996.

We are living these days. We view things through the logic of and polarity of our minds. It is the wisdom of the heart that tempers the logic of the mind. Gregg Braden shows the split polarity of the mind contrasted with the concentric circles, centering on the liquid crystal oscillator known as our heart. We have to go to other cultures for a word that describes the wisdom that comes from the heart. The single eye of the heart, that sees an event without right or wrong, chante-ishta. For balance in our lives, we need to find a balance between the logical mind and the wisdom of the heart.

Gregg Braden posits that the greatest temple of all is the temple of our own souls. This is what he believes will lead us into the phase change through the gift of compassion.

Gregg was raised on the belief that Christ suffered for our sins -- that we had not even committed yet -- and He became the living bridge for us. The memory of those who knew him became the electromagnetic pulse that he is the living bridge for you and I. Now, we are being asked to become the living bridge for ourselves and for those close to us through the science of compassion.

The Science of Compassion: Where Order and Chaos Come Together

We are aware that something is happening. The earth is experiencing a drop in magnetics and an increase in frequency. The sacred circuit (sun->earth->heart->brain->cells) keeps us in tune with the earth. The gift of feeling creates interference patterns.

We have learned to create relationships with others, Gregg Braden encourages us. Interpersonal actions, from 2 minute relationships with a checkout person, to 30 year relationships. Those relationships allow us to feel emotion which turn off and on DNA within our body.

We measure time by the pulses/minute of the earth, and so we are sensing time speeding up. If emotions seem to be intensifying, we are asking ourselves with greater urgency, to reconcile the patterns of our lives to serve us along the path to this shift.

In chaos theory, there is a membrane where order and chaos come together. This is known as the Mandelbrot set. The Mandelbrot set is a hologram. To the degree that we add love rather than fear and hate, we change this pattern in the world as it is repeated over and over again.

This love, rather than hate, will become part of the knowledge of all humans, perhaps through the Morphogenetic Field described by British physicist Rupert Sheldrake. If, as suspected, the right brain stores information holographically, then each human brain is part of the total hologram of human information. Just as a plant is aware of and responds to a human's intention, Princeton set up the Global Consciousness Project to monitor global consciousness. They recorded a significant blip on 911 several hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center. The first spike showed on the death of Princess Diana, and then the Concorde crash, the Madrid train bombing all showed up.

David Hawkins, in Power vs Force, calibrates people's emotions from 20 to 1000. 20 is shame, and proximate to death making us very prone to physical illness. At the other end, ranging from 700 to 1000 is enlightenment. This is estimated to be the level of Krishna, Buddha and Jesus.

He explains that all levels below 200 are energy draining. This would include guilt(30), grief(75), fear(100) and pride175). He explains that although pride feels good, it is good only in comparison to what came below. The first positive emotion is courage(200) and courageous people, exploring, determined people put back as much into the world as they take.

Then we have willingness(310), acceptance(350) and love(500). At this level one has true happiness. This, he believes, may help us to avoid world calamity if we can keep our level above 200 which we reached in the mid 1980s. He estimates that one individual at 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200. Level 600 (peace) counterbalances 10,000,000 individuals below 200!

Gregg Braden points out that when something is happening to upset us, that often we are being shown a mirror of something in us. Yet, some times the mirror is not about our failings, but about our judgment.... At one point in his life, he had three relationships which were difficult, and in his life at the same time. At first, he had a bad feeling about them, which he ignored. And then, as soon as he recognized his judgmental feelings and accepted that he had learned a difficult lesson, all three quietly left his life.

Gregg believes that over and over again, we are being offered the opportunities to live through relationship patterns.

The first two Essene Mysteries, are Mirror of judgment, and the Mirror of who we are. These mysteries sneak up on us when we least expect it. There is the Mirror of our worst fear. This is one that is coming up for many people in Gregg's experience. The ancients called this "the dark night of the soul."

We will recognize this when we are at a crisis, facing the greatest challenges we have ever faced. The Essenes say that it is impossible for us to attract/create these experiences, until we have the arsenal, the array of tools that will allow us to work through these worst fears. Our mothers say this to us "You will never have more on your plate than you are able to handle."

What Workshops Will Help us Through?:

As you live your life, Gregg Braden reminds us, you have the opportunity to observe all life. You will experience those things that you identify most with. You will see everything happening. Do you identify with the joy and the beauty, or are you focused on what you don't like?

As you remember the truth, don't be caught in the box of what you have learned in the past, but be willing to move beyond that box, Gregg Braden advises us.

That which you most choose to have in your life, you must first become. You must become the peace, the compassion and the love that you choose, Gregg Braden reminds us.

Gregg teaches us about a flock of Geese traveling together. Geese are closely tuned as they fly together. They are able to travel over 70% further than if they traveled alone. The researchers determined that as the head goose would tire, he would fall behind and allow someone else to lead.

Any time, that a goose is injured or sickened, when he falls out of formation, at least two others go with him to the ground. If he recovers, the three travel together until they move from flock to flock to reach their own flock.

Gregg proposes that we are a flock traveling together toward the zero point Shift of the Ages. If we become the forgiveness, or the peace, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our compassion and become the living bridge for those others so that no one is left behind.

A Course in Miracles speaks of the Holy Instant.

The holy instant is a time in which you receive and give perfect communication. This means, however, that it is a time in which your mind is open, both to receive and give. It is the recognition that all minds are in communication. It therefore seeks to change nothing, [Ed: No judgment] but merely to accept everything....

Our task is but to continue, as fast as possible, the necessary process of looking straight at all the interference [ed: fear] and seeing it exactly as it is. For it is impossible to recognise as wholly without gratification what you think you want. The body is the symbol of the ego, as the ego is the symbol of the separation. And both are nothing more than attempts to limit communication, and thereby to make it impossible. For communication must be unlimited in order to have meaning, and deprived of meaning, it will not satisfy you completely. Yet it remains the only means by which you can establish real relationships, which have no limits, having been established by God.

In the holy instant, where the Great Rays replace the body in awareness, the recognition of relationships without limits is given you. But in order to see this, it is necessary to give up every use the ego has for the body, and to accept the fact that the ego has no purpose you would share with it.

...The holy instant is truly the time of Christ. For in this liberating instant no guilt is laid upon the Son of God, and his unlimited power is thus restored to him. What other gift can you offer me, when only this I choose to offer you?

And, what could He mean, but the compassion of Christ leading to His phase transition as resurrection?

We, at Mindbridge, have been sharing some of the inspiration of A Course in Miracles. We believe that its teachings will help us to find our fit with the coming phase changes that are occuring with The Shift of the Ages.


This is one way to begin to recognize that our belief in the separation from Source Consciousness or the Divine Matrix was a false belief. This is one way to begin to feel our continued connection to Source Consciousness and to all sentient and non-sentient beings.

We have but three years before the Winter Solstice of 2012. We would like to offer two meditation aids that are fast acting and will allow you to experience deep levels of Theta and Delta meditation in a matter of weeks, rather than years. Holosync can be obtained at a discount right now. Remote Viewing is not on a discounted price, but is very reasonable and can be paid for in three monthly payments.

We recommend both, Holosync for its continued, and deepening benefits over time, and Remote Viewing for a jump start aided by guided meditation. Both offer binaural beats which will entrain your brain to a bilateral Theta or Delta experience. Both systems will gradually, over time, reduce your response to stress inducing stimuli and fear. As you have seen from the above material offered by Gregg Braden, those emotions will prevent you from gracefully transitioning in synchrony with the earth through the Shift of the Ages.

It is incumbent upon us at this time to find a way to, as quickly as possible, limit all fear based responses, and to enhance all the compassion we can muster. These two products will help you to do this. Note that Gregg Braden runs a Meditation Center, and that most of the teachers in the movie, The Secret use Holosync.

These two products offer you a way to bypass your ego, allowing you to communicate with spirit, with the Divine Matrix, with the Source Consciousness and with the spirit of all life forms known as the One.

Resolution of Brain Polarity:

Gregg Braden has pointed out in a very clear diagram that our brains are magnetically polarized, in contrast to our heart. Both the products above strengthen the connection between the two hemispheres of our brains and equalize the use of both sides of our brains, where most right handed people in Western Society are largely left dominant.

As we are facing a time when the earth will lose her polarity, doesn't it make sense that those sentient beings who have already learned to operate without polarity will fare better than those who haven't?

For an idea of what it is like to operate without the left side of your brain, see the video here.

And for more material by Gregg Braden.... And, finally, for Gregg Braden 's scientific proofs for the Law of Attraction, here it is.

And, don't forget to look in to Fractal Time by Gregg Braden! Fractal Time by Gregg Braden!