Gregg Braden Explains the Divine Matrix and the Isaiah Effect

Gregg Braden wrote The Isaiah Effect in 2000. Isaiah was a prophet from 2000 years ago. His scroll described how we choose which future we experience. Each time we make such a choice, we experience the Isaiah Effect.

Quantum science suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives, or, infinite possibilities. Each future remains dormant until awakened by choices made in the present. Isn't it important to learn to make the best possible choices?

The Monk's Story

I say this knowing full well the story of a monk who showed his wisdom by not celebrating the results presented to him. When he won a brand new Mercedes, and people around him said, "Congratulations. Isn't that wonderful?" he answered, "Maybe." Then one night, he was driving home and was hit on the side and flipped over several times. He landed in the hospital with a complicated broken bone. People who came to visit said, "Ohhh. Bad Luck!" He answered, "Maybe." While he was in the hospital, a terrible storm created a mud slide which pushed his house down a hill and covered it in many, many feet of mud which most likely would have killed him. People came and said, "Thank goodness you were here!" He answered, "Maybe."

Maybe - Changing Our Choices to Change Our Realities

If you are a visual learner, we are going to recommend that you watch the following video carefully. It touches on both the idea in The Isaiah Effect that our destiny is in our hands/minds/consciousness, and that the Divine Matrix is affected by every thought and feeling we have.

And, before you watch it, please visit our history section, and study Wallace Wattles because he is one of the primary teachers of the Law of Attraction. His teachings are highlighted and proven viable by another Gregg Braden video that focus' on the scientific proofs that show how the Law of Attraction can work. Don't miss out.

Then, as a daily practice, if you are serious, you will want to study the meditation of Charles Haanel.

Mike Dooley says, "Leave the cursed hows up to the Universe." He pleads with us to feel the feelings of success and happiness, and to trust the Universe, or the divine matrix, to find the way to provide the reasons for those feelings. Once we send out a wish, a manifestation, as did the Monk, we need to trust that it is all happening in our best interest.

Gregg Braden tells us that in the Bible code prophesy for the year 2012 , repeated several times are the words, "Will you change it?" There are similarly tragic readings of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce and the prophets before them, followed by apparently conflicting scenarios of peace and redemption. These indicate that there are markers of choice points along the road of time. The Hopi are clear that we are in one of these times now.

As Gregg describes the Hopi diagram of life, there are two parallel paths. The upper path turns into a zigzag that ends nowhere. Those who choose this path are represented with their heads detached from and hovering above their bodies. They will experience the great shift as a time of confusion and chaos leading to destruction. The lower path continues as a level line, strong and even. Those choosing this path live to advanced ages and their crops grow strong and healthy.

According to Gregg Braden, we are able to cross from one path to the other freely until the choice point 2/3rds of the way along. There is at that point a vertical line connecting the two. From that point on, a choice will have been made and there will not be another chance to change from one path to the other. Gregg quotes the prophesy, "If we hold fast to the sacred way as he (the Creator) devised it for us, what we have gained, we will never lose." We only have to choose between the two ways. ... "When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, drought and famine will be the life of every day, the time will have then come for the return to the true path."

The Hopi Prophecy of Purification

Hopi elders believe that the severity of our cleansing is being determined. The phenomenal events in the world around us test the belief systems of individuals and entire populations. The prophecy promises that the final of three shakings will depend on "which path humans will walk: the greed, the comfort and the profit, or the path of love, strength and balance."

With the recent election in the United States, it seems that Americans who choose balance are standing up to those who choose fear and self interests. This is a path that will help us to move off the path leading to destruction, to the path of abundance for all.

Along these lines, Gregg Braden recommends the Global Coherence Initiative, which can be found at You will be able to join for free and you will be trained for and kept up to date on Global initiatives.

"Hearts for Peace": International Day of Peace Movie

Gregg Baden and The Divine Matrix

The Divine Matrix, as explained by Gregg Braden, is an intelligent Field of energy that western science has just come to understand. The most ancient traditions began with this understanding and spent 3,000 years devising the ways that it applies in our lives --sometimes called the Field. In 1944, Max Planc identified it as the Matrix. "All matter originates and exists by virtue of a Force. We must assume behind this force a conscious, intelligent Matrix." (The movie, The Matrix was based on some of this work by Max Planc....) Dr. Edgar Mitchell calls it Nature's Mind. Steven Hawking calls it The Mind of God. Lynn McTaggert calls it the Field.

This book by Gregg Braden, says that not only are we a part of this matrix, but we have the ability to communicate with this divine matrix in ways that seem miraculous in the Western world. He spent time in the monasteries in China, Egypt Bolivia and Peru because they have maintained communication with this divine matrix. Gregg Braden assures us that this was part of our culture until the instructions were edited out of our Biblical text in the 4th Century. When he began studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, Braden found that we once had as part of our history the same teachings that he was only finding in these out-of-the-way places. Afterwards, their practices began to seem very strange to westerners. We called them primitive practices.

Gregg Braden says that it is believed that the divine matrix was birthed simultaneously with the birth of our Universe. When our Universe had expanded to the size of a green pea, and was at about a billion, billion degrees, this divine matrix was carried with the expansion. Gregg Braden says that the divine matrix is a bridge between our inner experiences, feeling, emotion and belief and our outer worlds.

This matrix or divine matrix carries everything from our healing, to the peace or violence in the world around us. It is also a mirror using the quantum essence of the stuff around us, of what we claim to be real. Gregg Braden believes that we will only see things in our life that agree with our reality. He doesn't discuss why this is, but Jill Bolte Taylor (see video at would explain that our left brain filters out what it doesn't believe.

Finally, it is a container, a substrate that holds everything together. In this way, Gregg Braden explains, the divine matrix connects us all. The divine matrix is very literal. It will mirror back to us our beliefs and feelings about our relationships, our checkbook and our relation to our communities. The ancient texts encourage us to feel our feelings as if our prayers have already been answered. For example, if, Gregg Braden explains, we ask for healing for our loved ones, we are affirming the illness or distress. The way to do it correctly, is to act as if it has already happened and to feel the feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

We have been conditioned in the United States, during the past 7 years, to be afraid. We can expect to see these feelings mirrored in the world around us and in our bodies. Fear chemistry is life denying and love chemistry is life affirming. We produce either cortisol or DHEA.

What if the Divine Matrix didn't exist? Max Planc says it is from this stuff that all matter originates by virtue of this divine matrix. It is the framework upon which all matter is hung and it is impossible that it does not exist. Like the water in the fish tank, it is not commonly noticed by those living in its environment, but they would not be able to live without it. Gregg Braden explains that the divine matrix doesn't respond routinely to standard testing. There has been some debate about whether it actually exists. In 1887, Michaelson-Morley's experiment was called "Histories Greatest Failed Experiment".... Moisten your index finger and hold it above your head. If you don't feel wind, moving air, and from that, conclude that there is no air, that would be the equivalent of what they did. The divine matrix was then called the Ether. Their equipment, two times (1881 and 1887) detected no movement. They were looking for the Ether wind. They concluded that it didn't exist.

Up until the late 20th Century, Gregg Braden explains, we have been operating on the belief that everything is separate from everything else. Now we find, in the Quantum world, that the divine matrix exists. This same Michaelson-Morley experiment was repeated in 1986, by EW Silvertooth for the US Air Force. He had better equipment and found that the Divine Matrix exists and it acted just the way that Michaelson-Morley thought that it would. It was published in Nature.

Does this allow us to have intuition and telepathy? Yes, Gregg Braden answers, and remote viewing as well. This divine matrix is the conduit that carries our conscious awareness out from our physical bodies. There is a quality of human emotion, a shift in perception, that impacts the stuff in this divine matrix to conform to what we have in our hearts.

Do you think if you concentrate on this matrix, you can go into it?

It is not possible to exit from it. Every cell in our bodies is already submerged in this matrix. Gregg Braden explains that it would be impossible to hold our bodies together without it. If we are conscious, we are always interacting. We create through the power of human emotion.

The ancient cultures didn't need 4000 years to prove the existence of the divine matrix

Gregg Braden explains that we got the Reader's Digest condensed version of the Bible. "Ask and ye shall receive." What Jesus actually says is "Be surrounded or enveloped by your desire so that your joy can be full." -- Be this way as if these things have already happened.

It is an unbiased matrix, Gregg Braden reiterates, that mirrors back to us what we create in our lives. Our thoughts imagine what we would like. Our hearts breathe life into this when powered by our feelings. This has been discouraged by males in our society. Could this be part of the reason the Nicean Council deleted these sections from the Bible?

The divine matrix is like a massive consciousness computer. The computer's language is human emotion, feeling and belief. When we expect something to happen, that emotion in our body sets something into play.... Nothing happens without emotion and no emotion is overlooked.

The Institute of Heart Math studied placental DNA looking for the answer to: "What effect does human emotion have on DNA?" They found the shape of our DNA changes with changes in our human emotions (love, compassion, hate, rage). Gregg Braden adds that the Divine Matrix is the conduit. "Feeling is the program that changes the consciousness computer." Gregg Braden adds that spontaneous healing and distant healing is possible because of the divine matrix....

The Global Coherence Initiative is one group that is working with this information. Gregg Braden's group "felt peace" and a blip registered on the Princeton graphs of the Global Consciousness Project. Hundreds of thousands of people were feeling peace. Crime decreased and the stock market soured.

Dec. 1988 Journal of Conflict Resolution documented the effects.

Relatively few people can have a profound effect on the world around them, not when we have them in our minds, and not when we pray for them, but when we have it in our feelings as if it already exists. We can have a better world.

The square root of 1% of the population is enough to effect change in that population. There are six billion people on the planet. We only need 8,000 for change. This is not something we do, but something we feel/be for our day to day existence.

Cooperation vs competition

Time and space don't exist in this substance. Gregg Braden tells the story that the US Army trained individuals in remote viewing. The Army used it to find the Scud missiles in Iraq during the first Bush administration. In Quantum experiments, they can change a particle in the present, and find that the particle is also changed in the past....

Our belief re-arranges the world we live in. Belief, with the emotion it engenders, is the language of the conscious computer-Universe. Literally, when we change the way we feel, we are changing and rearranging the stuff of the world around us. As with any computer, Gregg Braden says, if you know the code, you are not limited and can transcend the laws or apparent barriers of time, space and aging.

Rewriting the Reality Code: What is our reality?

Traditions have said that our reality is nothing more or less than what we claim in our feelings and emotions. Gregg Braden explains that we create in our hearts, our imaginations, the experiences we would like to have, and the mirror reflects this back to us.

This gives us almost superhuman powers, but how do we relay that to someone? Human feeling and human belief are the language of reality creation. As different as the various religious beliefs are today, if you trace them back to before there were religions, they were more similar in practices.

The self empowering books in the Bible were the ones taken out in the 4th century at the Nicean Council. The power of human emotions to rearrange the atoms and to interrupt the flow of time and space, this was in the descriptions of the books taken out of our traditions, although this was never taken out of other traditions, such as Native American and those living in Peru and in the Andes.

In our Book of Genesis, there is one line on the creation of the human being. In the original, there were many pages; our souls were created separate from our bodies. The original body could not contain the light and power of the soul and had to be redesigned. The original intent was to share the wisdom.

The intent of the council was political. In the letters of some of the Bishops, they questioned this editing and deletion.

In the Gospel of Thomas, now in Egypt, Jesus is telling us about prayer. It is a language that communicates with this intelligence he calls the Father. If you want health or wealth, "be" surrounded and enveloped by these things so your feeling can be completed.

Our science is showing that when we have strong feelings, not only are there changes inside our bodies , but also there are changes outside our bodies. The world around us is primarily electrical and magnetic. In our bodies, the largest generator of electrical and magnetic divine matrix is the human heart. It has about 100 times the power of the brain to create an electrical field and over 5,000 times the power of the brain to create a magnetic field. Any standard physics text will tell you that changing either an electrical or magnetic field will change the atoms in that field.

The Language of the Heart is where the power is packed to change our future. In the Bible, when the disciples of Jesus were asking why their prayers were not always working, Jesus explained that when they were praying, they should act as if they had already received it and they will be given whatever they have asked for.

When you go back to the original Aramaic, you see that the deleted sentences are where they tell you "how" to do all these things.

The biggest stumbling block to belief is that people think that if these principles are true, why isn't everyone already doing it?

We may consciously believe this, but sometimes the unconscious beliefs aren't in agreement due to family teachings. We must feel the feelings of abundance and nurturing and safety. We must give thanks and gratitude for these things that we want and when we can do that, we can speak with conviction.

In the complete Jesus teachings from the Aramaic, Jesus said that he could not do the healings in his own village where he grew up and where they held him to the limitations he had as a child. It is necessary to believe, in order to be healed.

We live in a participatory reality. In the divine matrix, all things are possible and already exist in the divine matrix of possibilities. We only need to claim them, to breathe life into them through our feelings. The divine matrix recognizes the language of gratitude and appreciation as if we have already received what we choose.

From Gregg Braden: Union of Thought and Emotion

Other cultures identify 3 separate related experiences that we have in our bodies:




The upper 3 Chakras are related to thought and logic. We can only invite it into our lives when we breathe the power of emotion by using the lower 3 creative Chakras. We then imbue the thought with life in the last Chakra, our heart. This creates the electro-magnetic waves that go out.

They say that we are either breathing the love of that thought, or the fear of that thought into it. This is our inner technology. This is the great secret that was taken out or edited out of our original bible. 20 books were taken out completely and another 25 were condensed or rearranged.

Without those texts, we tend to rely upon the written word to validate those feelings. People feel that there is more to us, but we rely on written validation. The lost gospel of Thomas said, When these two become one, then when you say to the mountain, move, the mountain will move."


Mike Dooley once said that we should pick the end result and give thanks and rejoice, because the Universe works backwards and will create the reality leading to that end.

We, at Mindbridge, didn't understand him at the time. We made a note and let it simmer. You might be having the same lack of connection to that statement, or you might be way ahead of us. But, where ever you are, hang on to that truth. Meditate on it. Incorporate it in your life. The world needs more master manifesters.

Let's think of it in another way. When there is something you choose for your life. Picture it, put yourself in the picture and feel the feelings of already having it. Enjoy your success. Share the happiness, and then let it go. The Universe will work from that "reality" back to the present to create in your life what it is you manifested. This is the Law of Attraction .

Have no doubt. Act on inspiration. This is your life. As Bob Proctor says, it was meant to be phenomenal, and so it is. First, you have to find the phenomenal feelings, the right vibrations, and then you will have it all.

For more information, Gregg Braden would encourage you to go to his website at Gregg Braden