Grandmas Country Kitchen

Grandmas Country Kitchen is where we entertain you with original, fictional, stories. Picture Grandma serving up chocolate brownies or blueberry pie and milk or tea in her kitchen as you read. Each story will be presented in series or parts, one per week. Each month will present some new story.

Grandmas country kitchen fiction will touch your subconscious as only stories do. They will send a subliminal message of well being, magic and prosperity that will inspire your subconscious to provide more of those things for you! Thus fiction can be an enjoyable coaching tools for all our readers.

Fiction, contemporary and classical, has always had its effect on our emotions. As Anthony Robbins says, emotion is energy in motion. So whether the origin of an emotion is from the inside or outside of you, it doesn't matter as long as the emotional state you're in helps you to stay in the flow of abundance. This is our wish for you. So please, enjoy Grandmas Country Kitchen, have some good food and let our stories whet your appetite for greater things.

Story 1: The Story of Three Boys

Part 1: The Nor'Easter

The Nor'easter

Part 2: The Nor'Easter

The Nor'easter Part 2

Book One: The Slow Guy Always Wins on the One Lane Highway

This is a new and original work of fiction based on the Law of Attraction, the work of Napoleon Hill, and Ho'oponopono. This is a superb clearing tool available only to Mindbridge readers. Your ego is not on guard when you're reading fiction, so this positive and enjoyable material will directly imprint on your subconscious. We have taken care that it will all be good.

It will be presented in 7 chapters, one each month from May until November.

Sit back. Enjoy. Have a brownie on us and watch your world change. It is said that your income is the average of the five people closest to you. Keep your fingers crossed for Jake and his cohorts. If he succeeds, so will you.

For downloads of the Law of Attraction secrets, click on link to the right. We recommend all these readings!

Chapter One: Introducing Jake Classen

Chapter One

The first chapter includes the following parts:

Chapter 1 Introducing Jake Classen

1 Present time (2008)

2 The Beginning: 2000

3 The Germination of an Idea and energy becomes particle

4 Fear and Innuendo

5 The Serpentine and Crew

6 Amanda Provides Inspiration

Enjoy this beginning. We will be back the first week of June 2009 with Chapter 2.

Chapter Two> The Team Begins to Form

Chapter 2

1 Moving Forward

2 Jake meets Morgan Mallory

3 Story of Wanda and Peter

4 What are you willing to give up?

Chapter Three: The Dream Takes Shape

Chapter Three This chapter explores both those evil bodies known as Scroons, and the budding business plan. Throughout it all, the crew sticks together and continues to learn more about themselves and each other.

1 Some things go wrong…. Scrooned Again?

2 Vince’s Story, or, how a boy became a scroon hound

3 “Energy flows where attention goes”Dr. Michael Beckwith, DD

4 “Plant a Radish; get a radish, never Brussels sprouts”The Fantastics

Chapter Four: Popping the Balloon

Chapter 4

1 You become the average of the 5 people closest to you

2 Bumps in the unpaved road

3 Angels in Gabardine

4 Mixed Bag

Chapter 5: Recommitment

Chapter 5 The company, Slow Guy moves forward. There are some potholes, but more successes. It's going so well for them that before the end, they take on more entrepreneurs and their individual projects. Oh, no!

1 Happy Halloween

2 Leadership is Needed

3 Teamwork expands

4 Molehills and Mountains

5 Double Rainbows

Come back on October 1st for Chapter Six!