Using EFT for Clearing Energy and Thought Blocks

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is an energetic way of eliminating emotional and intellectual blocks to your freedom. The Universe wants us to move forward and to expand our abundance and experience of life. We were all meant to live in the Garden of Eden with everything we could desire.

Our intellectual sin was born of Egoic doubt, fear and confusion. These were invented by our Ego in the interest of keeping us locked in space/time. The One was familiar with peace and joy. We volunteered to come to space/time so that the One could experience a variety of emotions. We were given the Ego to help us in that endeavor.

And, we were given tools to help clear all fear, doubt and confusion. One of those is EFT. This is a tapping version of acupuncture. It works on our energy meridians to clear any energy blocking. When we are free of blocks, we are able to think clearly.

What is an Energy Block?

An energy block stops full experience, and activity in one energetic area or another. Any blockage or resistance causes pain and ultimately illness, and intellectual confusion. Any blockage or resistance will prevent you from complete abundance and joy.

When my younger siblings began to appear, I had less and less attention from my parents and older brother. This reduced my joy in life. I experienced "less" for the first time. As a child, I had no way of knowing an appropriate way to deal with this. I couldn't talk about it because I had less time to talk with my mother or brother. And, knowing my mother, if I said anything about it she would have said something practical or reasonable, such as, "Even though I'd like to spend more time with you, I have to change Tricia's diapers...."

So, what does an older sister do? You "stuff it". I didn't want to feel sad or jealous or lacking, so I pretended that I didn't feel those things and, I tried to pretend that I didn't want more. I tried to learn to be happy with less.

Now, the idea that if you want more you will be disappointed was probably my first emotional energy block. My birthday followed Christmas and I had both the shortest wish list for Christmas and no list for my birthday. That way, if I got anything, it was a bonus. I wish I had known abut EFT and the Law of Attraction. I certainly would have countered this self defensive block.

How Does this fit with the Law of Attraction?

If you make all your desires go away as quickly as you can, and if you are hesitant to strive for anything, then you won't be able to manifest or co-create.

The Universe wants us to be expansive, and if I am restrictive, very little is going to come to me. My life will match my expectations and desires.

What is the Law of Attraction exactly? The formula is:

(Belief + Vision)Passion = Manifestation

So, if your belief is that you won't get it, and your vision is that it will always be your younger siblings who will get what they want, and you believe this passionately, this is what you will manifest. One way to offset any such logical block to your happiness is to use EFT.

My saving grace at the time was that I was generous of my time and emotional support. I was a good and loyal friend. As much as my family had to cut me short, I learned how painful that was and never cut a friend short.

There is another Universal Law that rewards generosity by giving tenfold whatever you willingly and freely give. In the world outside my family, I found more support and love, encouragement and help than I could absorb. It was uncomfortable at times and I had to hide out at home.

Eventually, because of the Law of Attraction, discomfort with success will win out. The discomfort will bring more reason to be uncomfortable and there will be less success. This doesn't play out as total failure.

I could be successful when it helped others. If I was doing something for an organization, school or employer, I could be very successful. But, if it was for personal gain, I couldn't even try. I pride myself in desiring less.

What Will EFT do if You have such an Emotional Energy Block?

There are a few rounds of EFT. First you deal with the negative emotion. In my case, it would be the sadness of loss when I was a child, or the pride at learning to live with little. These emotions do not serve me. So, during the first round, you evaluate the intensity of the feeling, and then you tap on the negative statement on each of the 8 main energy meridian tapping points. (See graphic) I am not an energy specialist, but somehow the honesty and willingness to look at what has caused so much pain or resistance helps to clear the block.

Then, you tap on the positive statements. Find a different positive statement for each meridian and tap 7 or more times on each of the 8 main tapping points, repeating the positive statement as you tap. EFT seems to imprint those positive statements in your energy system.

Look, it takes 5 minutes to tap on each of the 8 main tapping points and has worked for thousands of people. If you are willing to spend a few minutes a day, or a couple of times a day for your success, why not?

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