2010 Gift of Cosmic Ordering: The Exact Formula

Knowing the formula for Cosmic ordering is like knowing the formula for Solar Power. You will never again have to struggle to figure out why your manifestations aren't working. You just plug the figures into the formula and see what your results are.

The Cosmic ordering formula is a Universal Law, much like the law of gravity or force (Mass * acceleration=force). And, like those two, it is always operating. You can control it when you know the formula. The only slight hitch is that Cosmic ordering or the LOA formula is an energy formula, not a physical formula. It's not so easy to measure passion.

Cosmic Ordering (The Law of Attraction) Depends on Your State of Mind

Everyone has had the experience that sometimes you get what you desire, and other times you don't. If you are honest, you will remember that this is not dependent on how hard you work, or the quality of advice that you get from your parents. Cosmic ordering is not even dependent on the quality of the feelings that you put into the desire.

My first experience with a failure of Cosmic ordering was with a bicycle. In third grade when most of my friends got bicycles, I asked for a bicycle. I didn't get in for Christmas and I didn't get it for my birthday. I desired that bicycle more than I have ever desired anything else in my life. I had to wait four more years. What did I do wrong?

Cosmic ordering (and the Law of Attraction) is a Law of Energy whereas gravity and force are laws of matter. Energy is dependent on your state of mind because your personal energy is set by your state of mind, rather than your job or your beauty or your education.

When you have the state of mind of a wealthy person, your wealth will match your state of mind. While you hang on to the state of mind of a middle class person, it doesn't matter how much education you have or how many friends you have. You will remain a middle class person until you change your state of mind. Your state of mind is equivalent to your vibrational frequency. This is the term that Abraham uses to explain the Law of Attraction or Cosmic ordering.

Bob Doyle does the best job we've seen, of explaining how this works in his course, Wealth Beyond Reason. If you aren't now saying, "oh, yes, I know how that works!" you should take a look at his course.

So, why wasn't I getting the bicycle I wanted? My passion was high. My vision was excellent. I knew exactly the make, model and color that I wanted; I had tried one out and had the exact feeling of being on it. This was a failure of Cosmic ordering.

It had to be my vibrational frequency or my belief that was off.... I'll explain more below.


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Changing My Energy Signature or Vibrational Frequency to Improve Cosmic Ordering

(Belief + Vision)Passion = Manifestation

These are the elements of your vibrational frequency. We have written on other occasions about raising your vibrational frequency. Any formula can be written in several ways.

(Belief * Passion) + (Vision * Passion) = Manifestation

Your vibrational frequency is determined by the first part of the formula, your beliefs multiplied by your passion. Then, the vision multiplied by your passion sets the exact thought manifestation. The two are synchronized by your passion. When all is in harmony, your thought manifestation becomes particle in the world of space/time.

To change your vibrational frequency you either have to change your beliefs, or your passion, or both. In my case, my belief in getting the bicycle that I wanted was a little off that first year. I wasn't sure that I would get the same bicycle that all my friends had gotten. They lived over in the wealthier side of town. Often my parents had to give me a less expensive substitute for the things that they were given.

But, I had never had my heart set on anything the way I did with that bike. After being so deeply disappointed that first year, my beliefs were far from where they needed to be. Cosmic ordering was not working for my bike. I'd like to point out that it was working in other areas of my life, but we don't learn as much from our successes as from our failures.

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How Do You Change Beliefs?

Originally, we are born into this time/space life with a complete set of true beliefs. As the Hicks say, we are given the tools that we need when we are sent to space/time. We know how to home in on those things that lead to our getting our heart's desire and we know who we are. Then, parents, siblings, teachers and well meaning neighbors begin to change our true beliefs by adding false beliefs and they sometimes change our idea of who we are. You might have come to earth/time to be an athlete, but if you are growing up in a lawyer's home, you might feel pressured to become a lawyer.

Beliefs can be changed back to the truth, little by little as we develop new skills. This is the way that most people raise their vibrations. This is the value of courses or mentoring or coaching. Our beliefs will go from, "Oh, you can't do that!" to "Yes I can." Your mother might say, "Oh, you can't run a 4 minute mile. You're too short." But, if your trusted coach says, "Yes you can. You only have to take 2.5 seconds off each quarter mile and I know you can do that!" then your beliefs change.

This can also be done with a mastermind group or by spending time with those who have already done what you intend to do. This is the recommendation of NLP practitioners and Anthony Robbins. When you hear on TV that you can buy a house with "No Money Down" you are a little skeptical. When your friend or mentor tells you that they have done it many times and can show you how to do it, your beliefs change easily.

Beliefs can also be changed by using a brainwave generator with affirmations, or by using lucid dreaming. These techniques will change the false beliefs imprinted on your subconscious pretty quickly. This will improve your Cosmic ordering.

In my case, I started with a little doubt about the bicycle, and after not getting it, I had a gaping, Grand Canyon of doubt. Four years later, I had given up the idea of ever being given a bike. I had begun saving the money I was earning as a babysitter to buy my own bike. The change in my financial status, changed my beliefs and my parents gave me the bike for Christmas.

How Can I Change My Passion?

This is the other element in your vibrational frequency. This is more subtle. Beliefs can be "heard" as you state or write down your desires, and your vision can be discussed and adapted or improved. But your passion is determined by the closeness of your dream to your soul's desire.

Coaches usually focus first on your vision. Once they get that right, they focus on breaking any blocks caused by false beliefs because that is the next easiest element to get at.

One gymnastics coach told me that he could teach a child how to master the events. He could train his student's body and muscles to be strong enough and coordinated enough to be a champion. But, he couldn't give a child the passion if he didn't come with it naturally.

So, the answer to this question, "how can I change my passion?" is that you can't, much. You can change it a little. But, if the thing that you want isn't connected to your heart's desire, you are never going to care very much about it. If it's a little thing, you don't need much passion. But if it's a big item, or capability, or success, then you're going to need an appropriate amount of passion.

A Personal Story About Passion

My father was a competitive swimmer when he was growing up. He loved it and developed many lasting friendships from those friends. He wanted to pass this love and ability along to his children. My older brother was 12 inches shorter than his two competitors and always came in third. This caused great distress in my family. My father thought that he could do better.

My younger brother loved swimming as my father had. He was 14 inches shorter than many of his competitors, he didn't try to be a sprinter. He became a middle distance and long distance swimmer who excelled at all strokes. He won the 200 and 400 yard races, and the 200, and 400 yard medleys. He was also a great competitor on a relay, often breaking his best time by many seconds if his team needed him to do it. He went to all his 5 am practices, and did everything his coach asked him to do. Their team swam seven days a week. He won a scholarship to college, but he never made the Olympic team. He became a Navy SEAL and still swims almost every day. My brother's passion was enough to win a spot on an elite squad, and to enable him to make a living doing what he loved. But, it was not enough to make him the fastest swimmer in the world.

One of his teammates did go to the Olympics and won his event. This was a boy, and then young man, who not only went to every practice, but practiced himself in between practices. He became a long distance specialist. He never lost an 800 or 1600 meter race and did very well in the 400 meter races. He had more passion for swimming than any one else we knew. He did it all by himself. Sometimes people referred to him as "crazy" or "driven." The results show that his (belief + vision)passion were high enough to enable him to win an Olympic gold and to hold a World's record for a while.

Becoming a Master Manifestor Using the Law of Attraction

Some people go to college and graduate school and become successful lawyers or doctors. This may or may not have anything to do with the Law of Attraction. We don't know unless we interview them. It is entirely possible to be successful at one thing or another without using the formula, (Belief + Vision)*Passion = Manifestation

We only know that the Law of Attraction is in effect when we see a quick and inexplicable jump or fall in someone's ability or success. We often call this "luck". It can be good or bad "luck" depending on the direction of the change. We will focus on how to keep the direction positive.

The first element to focus on is the one that coaches can't help you change significantly. You must find your passion or your heart's desire. This is the key to all your success.

Ho'oponopono or the Sedona Method will help you to clear away all the garbage that obscure your memory of who you are and why you are here in earth/time. Once you have remembered this, you will know exactly what to do. As Dr. Hew Len says, "Clear, clear, clear and go back to port." Port is the state you were in at birth when you were at zero with no memories to confuse you or to set limits to your dreams.

Clarity also comes to daily meditators. If this is more your route, then we recommend Holosync (binaural beats) or ARVRI (guided meditation).

Another way to discover your true mission is to explore your Akashic records. You can learn to do this yourself, or get someone to do it for you. Andrea Hess has a training program and will recommend a qualified graduate student if you don't want to take the training yourself.

Once you are working from your passion, your talents and skills will improve in leaps and bounds. "Luck" will always seem to be on your side. This is what the Hicks call "being in the stream" of well being and abundance. This is when you have open access to Cosmic ordering. Understanding Cosmic ordering


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