Co-Creation requires these 3 Elements in Our Thoughts

Co-Creation using the Law of Attraction works from your thoughts and your emotions. If either one is energized, you are likely to manifest the object of your thoughts. If both are energized, then you will absolutely manifest your thoughts providing just one thing is also true.

Thoughts Become Things

We have all heard this and then we go about looking at sports cars or luxury cars and dreaming about them. We look at pictures of big homes and put them on our walls, and wait for the big inspiration that will enable us to Co-Create the big home.

On the other hand, we have worries about that balding tire, and then we have a flat. Or, we worry that the check we sent a few days late to the phone company won't get there in time, and then we find our phone cut off.

It seems that the negative thoughts have more power than our positive thoughts. How can this be?

The Three Parts of the Mind

  • Conscious: The part of the mind that controls volition and choice. It understands past, present and future. It has a sense of space and travel. It understands negatives such as no, not, never, don't, and wouldn't. The Ego resides here. The conscious mind is aware of our feelings.
  • Subconscious: The part of the mind that responds to the conscious commands, retains our personal record of memories and controls the body systems. There is only the present moment. There is no time or space. There only "is", and cannot understand the above negatives. The subconscious is connected to our feelings. When the subconscious sends a request for Co-Creation to the Higher Mind, it will manifest.
  • Higher Mind: The part of the mind that links with our spiritual self and the One/Divinity/Source. This is the part of the mind that travels each night during sleep to the collective unconscious/Akashic records. This part of the mind can communicate with either the subconscious or the conscious mind. This part of the mind is in the 4th dimension and has access to beings of light or other sentient beings in the 5th dimension. This is where Co-Creation happens
  • Know Your Path

    When we are clear, we are in the present moment and in the 4th dimension and able to easily Co-Create. As Dr. Hew Len says, when we are clear we are in the void where we started. Thinking is all inspiration because the Ego is not interfering with our Higher Minds.

    Once we are thinking intuitively, our lives will be full of abundance because there is no suffering, illness, anger or lack in the mind of the Creator.

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    The 3 Elements

      1 Belief powers our thoughts and our feelings. If we believe that the balding tire is "on its last legs" then we will, because of that, Co-Create a flat. Worry is connected with this belief. We are bound to have a flat. If we believe that the phone company is looking for a reason to turn off our phone then when the check is late, they will turn off the phone. Anger or fear is connected to this belief.

    On the other hand, we might believe that the tire will last two weeks or more until we can replace it because we believe that steel belted radials last 80,000 miles. We have seen much worse tires than that. Then, we will certainly be able to replace it before it has a flat. Hope and trust are connected to this belief. We will Co-Create a new tire or the resources necessary to purchase the new tire.

    The negative beliefs and feelings do not have more strength than positive ones. Often, they connect to a more clear and more passionate emotion.

      2 Feelings from our heart are the most powerful positive generators. Love, compassion and empathy are the heart feelings. They will supersede the negative feelings of worry or anger and Co-Create whatever we desire.

    For example, a Mother who hears a car crash outside where her son was practicing with his new bike will feel worry, love and compassion. She will go running outside and if the car has pinned her child underneath, she will be able to lift the car to pull him out from under it. (This has been well documented more than once.) These feelings will over-ride the beliefs that

  • She can't lift a car

  • The car's weight would crush a young child underneath
    1. 3 Time is the final element, and this is the element that helps a Mom rescuing a child or a soldier saving his whole battalion with his heroism. This is the element that makes our dream of a luxury car remain a dream because as soon as we say to ourselves, "some day" it will never happen. It will happen only when we say, NOW. Now is the time.

    When we say NOW, in the same way that the Mother runs to lift the car off her child, or in the same way that the soldier runs up to the enemies nest to stop the killing of his friends, then we will have the car or the mansion. Can we generate love, compassion or empathy enough for the car or the mansion?

    For more on the tools that will teach you Co-Creation These tools will, in less than 6 weeks, change your basic beliefs and will teach you how to change your feelings. These 3 basic elements, Beliefs, Feelings and Time are interrelated as we have just explained. Yet, they can also work independently.

    Time is a release or a trap. When you are in the present, it is a release. When you are spending most of your time in the past or future, it is a trap.

    Feelings empower your desires. When you are in love or in compassion, all your desires are empowered. At the other end of the feelings spectrum, when you are in terror or hatred, all your desires are squashed. This will only bring you more to fear or hate. This is the reason to forgive. As my partner says, "to forgive is for giving yourself."

    Finally, Beliefs allow or disallow the Co-Creation of your desires. If you believe the Universe is seeking to do you good, then all good things will come to you. If you believe the opposite, then you won't be able to Co-Create anything you desire.

    If you are seeking to Co-Create, take a clear and unbiased view of your:

      1 Beliefs

      2 Feelings

      3 Time