Using a Brainwave Generator for Cosmic Ordering:

We have been using a Brainwave Generator for Cosmic Ordering for two years. I've been talking about all the little miracles we've witnessed, for over a year now. This time, I was able to get photos for you.

But first, you might be wondering what a brainwave generator is. Our brain operates at various frequencies. Beta is our normal, busy or stressed frequency when you're getting ready for work in the morning or when you're taking a test. Alpha is relaxed and focused. This is the frequency for reading or studying, for writing an article or watching a good TV show. Theta is our dreaming frequency. Delta is our deep sleep frequency when we're visiting the collective unconscious. Another frequency, found in Buddhist Monks while meditating in a loving and compassionate state, is Gamma. This is thought to be the best frequency for promoting peace.

Our favorite brainwave generator is from Centerpointe Research.

Silva Mind Body Healing

They have been developing their program of upgrades for years and have a great telephone support staff for those who have questions or problems. This is valuable because some suffer flu-like symptoms from their own resistance and have to be coached in their progress.

Why would you want a brainwave generator? Our normal Beta frequency is the frequency of our Ego. The Ego is both the guard at the gate of our Unconscious (keeping our affirmations from being effective) and our reminder of how fragile and short our physical life is. This keeps us somewhat fearful and cautious as a standard state although it does help us to be on time for appointments. We wouldn't want to give it up altogether.

But, if you are interested in cosmic ordering, or conscious use of the Law of Attraction, you want to get to a low Alpha frequency. This is where you would be during meditation. This is below the level of the Ego. Here you can imprint new affirmations on your subconscious or manifest desired changes in your life. At low Alpha or Theta, you can easily access your intuitive and psychic powers. Most remote viewing is done in Theta. At Delta, once you learn to stay awake in Delta, you can access the Collective Unconscious and the fifth dimension. In Delta, there is no time or space barrier. In the fifth dimension, you can manifest an apple simply by looking at your open hand and sending the desire.

We have used Centerpointe Holosync for two years with wonderful results. Silva is a good partner to Holosync, and teaches use of your psychic powers while learning to go to deep Alpha without use of a brainwave generator. Silva teaches healing and helps you develop your intuition.

However, we believe we've had an easier time with this because we learned how to feel the different frequencies first with Holosync. To go through all the levels of Holosync will take several years. However, each level increases your ability to think creatively and "outside of the box" as we all know is recommended. Stress is reduced dramatically with regular use of Holosync because you are building brain cells and enlarging the connection between your right brain and your left.

We have also used ARVRI, which is Gerald O'Donnell's Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. His CD's are all guided meditations or lessons which teach you everything you would need to know for RV or RI. Each set also includes a brainwave generator for Theta and Delta. It's not a course that will take years, but Gerald recommends taking at least six weeks. I would say that this would be a very cursory run through. A year would make you a master. Know Your Path - Intuitive Development

The final weapon in our psychic arsenal is Andrea Hess. She has a number of programs to help you develop your spiritual communication and insight. It was Andrea who taught us how to tell whether an idea was an intuitive insight or the Ego's warning. This will be more and more important as we get closer to the Shift of 2012. Time is speeding up even now, and although the ability to develop thoughtful plans and strategies used to be valuable, it soon will be obsolete. We are approaching the time of the intuitive.

And, if you have any doubt about your soul's desire or your soul's purpose, Andrea is able to access your akashic records for you. Or, alternatively, she teaches you how to it for others. All Andrea's courses are so clear that you don't need to have any previous belief in your psychic abilities. She stays with you, answers questions, and gives you the tools that enable you to do things you never before believed possible. This is science, not mysticism.

Back to the Blizzard

We had a great blizzard in the Northeast. The gusts at the end of Long Island were above 40mph and the steady winds were above 30mph. The fine, light, dry snow was blowing across every field unimpeded. The snow drifts across the roads were beautiful, if dangerous. Isn't everything that's beautiful dangerous? But, when you're using using a brainwave generator for cosmic ordering, nothing comes into your life that you aren't expecting.

We have one great pine tree on our property that is more than 50 years old. The trunk is probably 15 feet in circumference. Most of the branches that come off the trunk are at least 24 inches in diameter. Some are larger. The whole tree has always leaned a little to the Southwest. It's not a flag pine, but it does lean away from the Northeast wind and toward the sun. I have always thought of it as an omnipotent landmark.

Change is Part of Living

There was a time in my life when I was angered by change. I was young and thought that life was more comfortable when I was moving or growing but everything else was stable. In those days, I didn't know how to use a brainwave generator for cosmic ordering. And then, perhaps this is part of the thinking of all adolescents. The family should be predictable and constant while they are going through their multifaceted growth.

About 20 years ago, I learned to accept change and now I embrace it. When using a brainwave generator for cosmic ordering change is always good. It doesn't always look like the change I would consciously request, but it is always the change I did request. I just don't always see the whole picture.

Storms and Accidents Teach Us

I have always loved storms, and learned that accidents are sometimes sent to help us. Yet, I have never lived through a storm that caused any damage to me or to my property. When I was five years old, a hurricane brought down so many trees in Rhode Island where my family lived at the time, that we got tired of climbing around in the branches and roots. Not one of those trees damaged anyone's home! It's been like that every since for me. There might be storm damage, but there isn't any loss of life.

This weekend, the Northeast was hit by a severe winter storm. The predictions were not overstated. I even made a phone call to request that our local plow-team put us on the list. (Cosmic ordering isn't always the best way to get what you want.) Our driveway is long. My neighbor and I usually dig out ourselves, but it's very hard when the snow is more than 9 inches deep. This was the second time in ten years, that we asked for help from the guys with trucks and plows.

The snow was just starting when we went to bed. I pictured a beautiful and dramatic snowfall. The wind was blowing hard and through the trees it sounded at times like a wind tunnel and at other times more like a jet turbine engine. Before we were sound asleep, we heard a sound like icy snow falling from a roof which was odd because the snow was still soft and quiet.

The Miracle

At first light, it was still snowing, but I shoveled the snow away from our back door so that it wouldn't be blocked as the front door and side door were already. From there I could see that the Pine tree looked oddly smaller than usual. And, the snow had completely covered our car which was invisible beneath the Pine. The branches seemed to have been lowered by the weight of the snow and seemed to be resting on our car. This had happened before. I went upstairs to dress so that I could go out and shake the snow off the branches. I fully expected them to rise again as they always did.

I still hadn't realized that the sound we had heard the night before was the sound of two great branches splitting and falling. When I went out to the car, the branches weren't just resting. The more snow I shook off, the better I could see that at least two were broken and down. The branches coming off the tree and the branches coming off them were all in a snowbound tangle with our car.

I went back in for a cup of coffee and to use a brainwave generator. It was clear that it would take me most of the day to determine the result of this tree fall. When I reviewed the last few weeks and hours, I realized that neither of us had any intuitive warning to move the car away from the tree and neither of us had any desire to be rid of this car. I decided that the car was fine.

It took the rest of the daylight hours, and a couple of hours on Monday morning before I had all the snow and branches cleared away. There were two branches down, and both were more than 24 inches in diameter and 20 feet long. If either had landed on the car, it would have been crushed. They were twisted off the tree and the closest was less than an inch from our mirror. I firmly believe that this was a miracle due to our consistent use of a brainwave generator for cosmic ordering. The branches coming off it stopped short of doing any damage. One particularly strong branch was at a diagonal stuck firmly into the ground a couple of inches behind our back bumper. This one seemed to hold the rest of the bough up and away from our car.

I think when you see the pictures that you will see why we call this a miracle. Both branches were directly above the car, and both were twisted away from the car by just enough. There was not a single scratch, nor a single dent on our car.

Change happens, but as long as you trust in Divinity/Creator/Universe to follow your instructions, and to warn you of danger, and use a Brainwave Generator for Cosmic Ordering, everything that happens will be for your good.

For more information on using a brainwave generator for cosmic ordering.

This is a great program which uses your own affirmations in a subliminal CD once you have learned to meditate using deep Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave generator.

And, if you are looking for more on brainwave generators at Mindbridge -- Soul Realignment: Professional Intuitive Development