Attitude is Everything

By Paul J. Meyer

Is Your Life A Runaway Train?

Does it seem like something or someone else is in charge of your life?

If you think so, you might be right!

Sometimes people are interested in Law of Attraction coaching because their lives or their careers could use a little enhancing. You might have come to a crossroads where you need to decide whether to commit to winning at the game of life, or to taking it easy and having a good time, but never amounting to much, and so you think, hmmm, perhaps some coaching would help. Perhaps you are considering marriage. Perhaps you are considering graduate school. Sometimes we just have a moment of clarity while we're watching TV with friends for the umpteenth night in a row. You might wonder what you are doing with your life. Perhaps some Law of Attraction coaching would help....

Paul J. Meyers is one coach who will light a fire that will either badly burn you, or accelerate your growth and success. He doesn't pull punches and he tells the absolute truth. You know that he's a powerful man because he started his career as a fruit picker in California. He went on to be worth a million dollars by 27 years old! -- Paul J. Meyers knows something about motivation and success. He does not have patience for those who make excuses.

At, we think of Paul J. Meyers as a football coach on the field. He knows that life is short and he doesn't take a long time to tell you what you have to do. I heard Marrianne Williams today quote Jane Fonda, "There should be a statute of limitations on blaming our parents."

It made me laugh, although sadly, because it is so true. So many people lose out because they spend their lives blaming their parents or their circumstances. There is a certain satisfaction in it I suppose, and perhaps they gain some sympathy from friends, but they don't gain respect from their peers, and they won't ever have the respect of even those who love them if they can't take responsibility for their own fate.

So, let's take responsibility for our own attitudes. Let's listen to some of the greatest Law of Attraction coaching, by Paul J. Meyers.

Early in my insurance career I recruited some incredibly gifted and talented people, but as I used to say, “He looks good in uniform, but he can’t bat.”

The problem with so many people today is that they have either been programmed with or have developed a negative mental attitude. In fact, what you have become and where you are in your present life can all be traced back to a first cause: the choices you made as a result of your dominating thoughts and attitude.

This is the Law of Attraction coaching. James Arthur Ray often talks about this in his books and trainings. He says that if you show him your checkbook and your home, he will be able to tell you what you have been thinking about.... This too is the Law of Attraction, and Law of Attraction coaching. What you think about, comes about.

So if your life feels like a runaway train, there is a very good reason. The thoughts that have gone on inside your mind have finally materialized on the outside, forming the particulars of the life you are now experiencing.

Simply put, if you have a negative mental attitude you cannot produce a satisfying life!

Most people are busy trying to either change their circumstances or other people to make their life more comfortable and rewarding. But the problem is within. You may attain a college degree; surround yourself with influential friends; or enjoy a famous family name. But if your mind is filled with negative thoughts and a flawed attitude those attainments or advantages will not produce the success and happiness you seek.

Hey, this isn't fair! You make the investment in college, just as you are told, and you go to the "right" school that enables you to meet the people who will help you in your future. Isn't that what we are told to do? This is not enough if you take into consideration the Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction coaching will direct you to attend to your business in thought and dreams, as well as in action. Wallace Wattles points out that if you are trying to cheat your customer, or if you are merely trying to beat your competition, you will not prevail in the long run. It is necessary to give your customer a fair service for their payment, and to work your own business and your own dream without consideration of your competition. There is more than enough for everyone. This too is Law of Attraction coaching. But, let us go back to Paul J. Meyers, and his discussion on attitude.

It might help to think of your mind as the software in a computer. If your software or mind is full of doubt, fear, and “can’t do,” then no matter how hard you try, you’re only going to produce a product or a life that replicates those negative beliefs.

In other words, if I closely observe your life, I have an incredibly accurate picture of what you have been thinking!

I’m sure we’ve all heard stories about people who grew up in less than desirable situations; some may even have been abused or abandoned. And yet they found a way to overcome, to put themselves in the record book in many instances. What did they do? They put themselves through a complete attitude overhaul! They changed the data in their software, developed an ‘I-will-not- be-denied’ attitude and as a result, they produced a different life.

This is the Law of Attraction coaching. Napoleon Hill calls it perseverance and devotes a good part of his book Think and Grow Rich to stories about successful people who had to wait years for their break, yet, they never gave up.

When I was a young man, I grew up around the fruit orchards of what is now called the Silicon Valley in California. Though I picked fruit, I purposed in my heart I would not do that forever. My attitude pulled me toward another type of life. I simply refused to be dispirited, discouraged, or destroyed.

As a result, over time, the outside part of my life lined up with the inside!

It’s up to you to take the steps to change your thoughts, your attitude. You don’t have to be controlled by the words that may have been spoken over you as a child, or by the words you continue to speak over yourself. You can start today by listening to the thoughts that swirl in your mind and eventually come out of your mouth.

Vic Johnson would tell you to never "confess out from your mouth" anything that you don't want to happen. This is Law of Attraction coaching, because you must, must, must monitor your thoughts by monitoring your statements and your feelings.

When you speak out doubt, fear, and negativity, you reap a life that reflects just that. What you think about becomes the words you speak, and the words you speak become the actions you take, and the actions you take determine your life! So as you can see, having the right attitude isn’t just important…


“...what you have become and where you are in your present life can all be traced back to a first cause: the choices you made as a result of your dominating thoughts and attitude."

Welcome to Law of Attraction coaching. Attitude is everything. This includes your attitude about yourself, about your colleagues and customers, your friends and family, and your competitors. If Mike Dooley were doing Law of Attraction coaching with you, I believe he would have you write lists of why you respect all of the above, in the present time, and why they respect you. As quickly as possible, you must gain control over your dominating thoughts.

Good fortune to you all!

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