Allowing Divine Intervention

Allowing Divine intervention always requires gratitude. Sometimes it is hard to be grateful, and when we are ungrateful, we are resisting, rather than allowing or co-manifesting. Norman Vincent Peale once said, “When God wants to send you a present, He wraps it in a problem, and when He wants to send you a big present, He wraps it in a big problem.”

Be Grateful then for Problems

Everyday, I meet people with problems. Problems are a part of life. Some of those people are skipping around them or jumping over them, but others are buried by them. That some were allowing Divine intervention, and others were resisting was clear, but I wasn't sure of how this was happening until recently.

I have been studying this phenomenon since I realized that more than half of those chosen for the movie, The Secret, were homeless at one time before realizing they already had what they needed to become wealthy. What made the difference?

Neale Donald Walsch makes the point in his movie (Conversations with God) that it wasn’t until he let go of feeling sorry for himself, and demanded that God respond, that he got an answer to his prayers. This was his way of allowing Divine intervention. When we sincerely ask for help and believe it must come, our request will be answered. We are co-creators with the One, God, Divinity, the Creator, but as long as we are depending on our ego (earth bound brain) to solve our problems we will be limited in our abilities and solutions.

Brian Tracy quotes Norman Vincent Peale and speaks of being grateful for problems as they each help us to rise above our current status. Being grateful for all gifts, even those wrapped in problems, is the way we allow Divine intervention.

Rising Above Your Current Status

One of the most limiting responses to problems is to be angry at your self, yet this is common. I speak with people every day who believe they are accepting responsibility for their “problems” when they shower themselves with guilt and recrimination. There is nothing to be gained by doing this. Instead, accept responsibility for the desire to be in a better place, and then thank God for sending the problem that provides the escalator that will lift you to a new station.

That problem might hold knowledge that you need for your jump but more importantly, your gratefulness is absolutely the key that will open your creative lock. Without that trust and faith in your connection to the One, you will be stuck where you are with occasional gifts coming your way always disguised within problems.

Give thanks to the One for your success, and give thanks for your problems, and you will continue to grow in confidence, love and abundance.

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