Moving Into the 4th Dimension is an Easy Process

Making the transition to the 4th Dimension is not hard. The changes that have started the shift of 2012 are bringing us opportunities for positive change. Two waves of light are passing among us. These photon clouds will assist us in our transition but we still benefit from knowing what we are to do.

Changes in the Universe Provide an Opportunity for you

The changes that have started the shift of 2012 are bringing us opportunities for positive change. Two waves of light are passing among us.

  • 1. The first is spreading wisdom and opening gateways to higher consciousness.

  • 2. The second wave will create balance and harmony. Old patterns of separation must be cleared away.
  • Gerald O'Donnell tells us that this earth/space/time is an experiment by the One. We were those brave souls who agreed to go to the farthest reaches of the Universe to allow the One to see what would happen with souls who would experience separation. The experiment is coming to an end, and it is time for us to make the transition to harmonious connection. When enough of us make it into the 4th dimension, the experiment will be harmoniously completed.

    Our brains are electrical, but our hearts are magnetic. During this time, the Earth's Magnetic Fields are weakening, which makes the output of our hearts more important than ever. This is the time that we could generate world peace if enough of us made the transition. Gregg Braden and Maryanne Williamson believe that 11% of the world is more than enough to do this.

    What Could Hold Us Back?

    We have been in the 3rd Dimension since the Fall of Atlantis. In the Third Dimension, we see things as material and fixed, and we see opposites.

    The truth is that there is only good, love, connection and peace. This is made very clear in A Course in Miracles. Evil, hatred and war were created as part of the Third Dimension to foster worry and fear. This is managed daily by our Ego. These contrasts existed to allow us a way to find our path. Source expected us to choose Love over Hatred.

    In the Third Dimension, free will was always available to allow us to choose either fear or certainty, happiness or sadness, being pleased with oneself or blaming our lives on someone else.

    Even now, anyone who chooses may stay locked in a world with fear and anger, separation and hatred and competition. Those who made that choice will not be able to make the transition to the Fourth Dimension. What Will Enable Us to Move Forward into the 4th dimension during the Transition?

    There are seven living words, or seven feelings that will enable us to align with the changes that we seek.

        * CERTAINTY
          * SENIOR (Meaning that you control your life)
            * CAPABLE
                * GRACIOUS
                * COMMANDING

              Feel these feelings and the transition to the 4th Dimension will be seamless and automatic. Seek every opportunity to bathe in these feelings and choose them over their opposites during your day.

              For more on the 4th dimension, see 4th dimension and 2012

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