The Questions about 2012, the Shift of the Ages, That Most People Can't Answer: Explained by Gregg Braden's new book, Fractal Time

At Mindbridge-LOA, we have been interested in the 2012 shift since we first heard John Grey say that the energetic healing techniques that used to take him a week to teach, he's now teaching in a weekend. Spiritual learning has speeded up this much. We connected this to 2012, and began to look for other examples of this happening, this speeding up.

Now, here is where we get into Quantum Physics, because the observer has an effect on the data. Still, it seemed to us that more and more people were beginning to meditate in order to increase their sense of spiritual connection, more people were getting involved successfully with the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws, and that healing seemed to have been taken to another level. And, let's not forget Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. These were skills that were used by a few specially gifted or specially trained individuals, and now are being taught to lay people by several practitioners.

And now we're back to the original question. Is this an increasing trend, or is this simply the effect of our looking for it?

And, funny, this is what happened to Gregg Braden who began to look for connections, synchronicities and patterns as early as the 1980's. What he found, was that the ancients foretold that at the most distant part of out cycle away from the center of the Milky Way, "we would forget who we are -- our connectedness to one another and to the earth. They predicted that we would forget our past."

And, isn't this what has prompted the increase in meditation, first Transcendental Meditation in the 1960's and then expanding to all types of meditation, Buddhist and Vedic, and Yogic since then? These are the truth seekers. These are those who seek to regain their knowledge of who they are, and their connectedness. Others search for security, to mask their insecurity. These are the ultra-rich billionaires. They too are seeking, although their accomplishments don't seem to satisfy their craving. Those young mortgage lenders who were earning millions in a week, did not stop, nor did the bankers who were earning millions with each bonus check. They kept the cash storm raging until it just rained itself out.

The Shift:

And, so we did, as the Hopi predicted, forget our connectedness and who we are. The Hopi did not, however. The Hopi remembered that at the end of the last two world ages, greed and violence erupted that led to great losses. In addition to the separation from the Source of energy at the center of the Milky Way, we are suffering from a lowering of the magnetic energy, the magnetic field of the earth herself. This is affecting us spiritually and emotionally as we feel separation and loss. No wonder so many Americans are taking depression medications to counter these feelings.

So, you might be wondering what the 2012 shift actually is. We explain it in detail in Gregg Braden's older piece on our website entitled Gregg Braden explains the Shift of the Ages aka 2012. But, to quickly put you in our present orbit, we last crossed the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy 5125 years ago in 3114 BC. This was about 1800 years before Moses and Exodus. This has happened only 5 times before in the history of our earth.

Our sun, and all the planets will align on December 20th 2012. We sometimes use the Mayan Calendar for these large pieces of time, because the Maya accurately predicted this 2,000 years ago.

The time periods are interesting. The human embryogenesis is 260 days, and the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar is 260 days. The period of presession that we are about to end, lasts26,000 years. John Major Jenkins calls it human spiritual embryogeneses. His mathematics explained that this period of aligning began in 1980, and will be complete in 2016. The Vedic Calendar ends the Kali Yuga Cycle at the same time.

It is not thought that this time there will be a polar shift in 2012. Terence McKenna, John Sheliak and Matthew Watkins worked on a software program that would give us some insight into what we might expect. They could only anticipate that, as John Grey has noticed, change has accelerated. They anticipate that we might not recognize ourselves in 20 years. They called this, Time Wave Zero. They developed their ideas from studying the idea of time held by the indigenous people of Columbia. Once again, traditional and indigenous people who still have memory and traditions from their ancestors, seem to have the only clues about what to expect and how to best make this transition through the greatest separation from Source energy.

If we can just go back a moment to John Grey. Isn't it likely that energetic healing is one of the new abilities that is accelerating as we approach 2012? John has said in his video, that some days there are so many people who have come to India for healing, that he is so exhausted he can hardly pick up his arms to gather some more prana. One day, he remembers calling out to "Mother Mary" in the tune of the old Beatles song, and he was suddenly infused with so much healing energy that it felt unlimited. He found himself fully energized and easily completed the healings for that day. This differed from the days when he first gathered energy from the living plants in the area, and then used that to heal the people who came. His prayer initiated an infusion of energy into him that did not come from the plants. He did not explain it further, but it was qualitatively and quantitatively at a higher level.

Natural Fractal Patterns:

Gregg Braden was interested in patterns all his life, and he was given a job exploring these patterns for the defense industry in 1980. He began to look at prior events to see whether the cold war was part of a pattern that had started in prior years.

He began to look at fractals which are natures patterns to fill the spaces of the universe. These repeat according to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a ratio that we see everywhere. If you take the distance between your eyebrow and your chin, and divide it by the distance between the top of your forehead and your chin, you have the golden ratio. The length of your forearm, divided by the length of your entire arm, is the golden ratio.

This golden ratio then became part of Braden's formula to determine when the events of a root event will once again repeat. This works for the events in one's life as well as the events in history. 2012 will represent both a personal and a public event.

Braden states simply that:

1) The conditions of nature, including human events do repeat.

2) The conditions of one cycle often repeat with a greater magnitude of expression in a later cycle.

3) It is the return of the conditions, not the events themselves, that repeat.

The repetition of these cycles is predictable.

The Cycle of 2012:

The Great Cycle that ends in 2012 is the end of two cycles, the 5,125 year Great Cycle as well as the 5th World Age of the 26,000 year precessional that travels through the 12 Constellations of the zodiac. These two beginnings/endings last occurred in 1155 BC and 13,824 BC.

Each Great Cycle includes:

human events,

earth events

and celestial events.

Humans are affected by changes in the Earth's magnetic force. The earth's magnetic fields protect us from the sun's rays. They are ribbons of strength and weakness around the globe. From a study of the ice in Antarctica, we know that a weakening of magnetic rays always corresponds with an increase in heat and melting of the polar ice and glaciers.

The decrease in the magnetic force affects the way humans feel. The last cycle of sunspots ended in 1996, and it is believed that the next cycle will be 30% to 50% stronger. The estimated time for the greatest intensity will be in 2012, at the time of the sun's realignment with the center of the galaxy.

The rate at which the magnetic fields are decreasing is not as steep as in previous cycles and it is not likely that the poles will reverse polarity. This is good news as a reversal could mean vast flooding, tidal waves, food shortages due to climate changes and crop shortages and worldwide competition for declining resources.

Other Patterns:

There was a root event in October, 1929, for an economic collapse in the United States. Using the formula based on the Golden Ratio, Gregg Braden found that the next dates when similar conditions would exist:

Date 1: 1979 and a time when the rise in world wide oil prices caused economic contraction

Date 2: 1999 and a surge in world wide oil prices and 6% drop in the NYSE in October.

Date 3: 2007 Steven Pearlstein and Robert Samuelson both predicted a fracture in the economy at the same time. They were concerned that the hugh amount of debt that many large companies were carrying, and the added debt of leveraged buyout, could cause "valuations to fall, banks to announce write offs, hedge funds to close their doors and private equity funds will announce reporting concerns". The time cannot be predicted, they explained, when the magic moment will be reached when everyone realizes that the prices being paid and the debt being taken on are unsustainable. That time turned out to be late summer, 2008.

Date 4: 2010

This is when the circumstances will once again be present for an event like Black Thursday or Black Tuesday. Braden goes into careful explanation that "similar circumstances" do not insure a similar event.

Braden shows us the 20 year cycle of US Presidential deaths, with two failed attempts at assassination. He shows us the cycle of surprise attack on the US that was started with the attack at Pearl Harbor in 1941. He shows us the nuclear event calendar that was started at Hiroshima in 1945. These two latter events both have another possible circumstance in 2010.

Just a brief diversion here, because our economic system is full of patterns that allow the forecasters to make good judgments. You might want to take a look at Forex Robots. Why? And, if that doesn't answer all your questions, we have another page on Forex robots. At another site, there is this page on Five Reasons for Forex robots.
We want you to know about these robots because they are so good at following patterns so that you don't have to.

Personal Patterns:

We are given a formula so that we can look at the patterns in our personal lives. Once we determine powerful or energetic seed events we can easily find the next times when similar patterns may re-occur. We want to emphasize that you need to find the emotional core of the event. For example, a great success would be repeated as "a time when you exceeded your beliefs" rather than "a time when you won a race". It's not the result that will be repeated, but the vibrational circumstances.

The answers lie in the appendices of Fractal Time

We at Mindbridge-loa believe that our personal possibilities are growing enormously as we approach 2012. We, as always, encourage all to take up meditation. Without that quiet time to connect with your spirit you will miss the opportunity for growth that is being offered to us all at this time.

Although we are further from the Source energy of the Milky Way than we have ever been, once we are at Theta or Delta we are just as "close" as we have ever been. This is the perfect time to experience the difference between the world of time/space and the world of spirit. When in spirit, there is no space, and thus no distance. If there is no distance, then we are all One.

Isn't that so?

Choice Point, 2012:

Although it is unlikely that we will face a polar reversal in 2012, we will have to face an increase in global temperatures of about 1 to 2 degrees. The magnetic intensity of the earth will be between 5.5 and 10.5 on the VADM scale. This will cause an increase in the radiant energy and a melting of the polar ice and collapse of the ice caps. This will be followed by a period of global cooling.

The world is shifting as we watch. Superstorms are devastating entire communities. These events offer us the opportunity to show we care about each other, to learn to work together and to share what we have.

The Hopi have in their Prophesy Rock, a choice point. This is shown as a line that connects two possibilities for our future. One shows abundance and fertile fields, and the other shows people who are losing their heads that float above them, and a rough and rocky, stormy road ahead.

The Hopi say the way to choose the right path before 2012 is to use prayer and meditation rather than new inventions that create more imbalance. The way to stay on the right path is to "Give love to all things, people, animals, plants, and mountains; for the spirit is one if the catsinas (expressions of the spirit) are many."

For more details on changing our connection to each other, see Dr. Bruce Lipton.

And, this gets us back to our beginning discussion of 2012.

As John Grey has stated, all spiritually connected learning is accelerating. Don't be left out. We need everyone.

For more on 2012... We love you.

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